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Samsung washer not spinning

Common reasons your Samsung washer is not spinning

The most common reasons your Samsung washer is not spinning are a malfunctioning electronic control board, broken motor or a jammed door lock assembly.

  • 39%

    39% of the time it's the
    Electronic Control Board

  • 22%

    22% of the time it's the

  • 15%

    15% of the time it's the
    Door Lock Assembly

  • 24%

    24% of the time it's the
    Something else

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    Most common repairs needed to fix a Samsung washer

    Electronic Control Board Replacement

    A malfunctioning electronic control board can lead to various failures in a washer. This is because the board serves as the brain of the washer, controlling crucial components such as the water valve, drive motor, drain pump, and cycles. If the electronic control board fails, the washer may not power up or display the cycle status. Additionally, it might fail to fill, agitate, spin, or drain. In some cases, a shorted board may emit a burning smell.

    Motor Replacement

    A broken washer motor will prevent the spin basket from rotating or agitating, and can also cause a variety of other issues that affect the washer’s ability to function properly. Signs that the motor is wearing out include unusual noises during operation, such as grinding or squealing sounds. The washer may also exhibit erratic spinning or agitation, with clothes not being properly rinsed or still soaking wet after the spin cycle. Additionally, a worn-out motor may lead to the washer not completing its cycles, stopping abruptly, or not starting at all. Burnt smells or overheating around the motor area can be indicative of internal problems. In some cases, visible damage to the motor itself may be apparent.

    Door Lock Assembly Replacement

    When a washer door lock assembly is jammed, you may encounter difficulty in opening or closing the washer door. The door may not latch properly, leading to issues in starting or completing a wash cycle. The washer might display an error code indicating a door lock problem. During operation, the door lock may make unusual clicking sounds or fail to engage, preventing the washer from starting. Additionally, if there is a malfunction, the door lock indicator light may not illuminate as expected. Users might notice water remaining in the drum even after the wash cycle has finished, indicating a potential problem with the door lock assembly preventing proper drainage.

    What to expect when you experience a Samsung washer not spinning issue

    How is the not spinning problem fixed?

    Correcting most not spinning problems usually involves replacing the electronic control board, motor or door lock assembly. However, there are many potential causes, so a thorough diagnosis is key to fixing the problem. An accurate diagnosis is essential to understanding how much the repair will be.

    Sears Home Services recommendations for a washer that is not spinning

    When the washer is not spinning it can be for many reasons. To avoid replacing unneeded parts we recommend having a Sears Home Services professional perform diagnostic tests to identify the root cause of the problem. Our technicians are experienced at diagnosing all types of washer failures.

    What to look out for with a washer not spinning diagnosis

    Diagnosing modern appliances without proper knowledge and training can be difficult. Without using proper diagnostic techniques, fixing your washer problem will only be achieved through changing parts on a hunch. Appliances, especially in the last 10 years, have become extremely advanced, and many models have electronic parts that are difficult to test. DIY repairs on the latest appliance models are becoming increasingly difficult.

    Addressing Specific Samsung Washer Spin Issues

    Having a Samsung washer that doesn't spin can be frustrating. Whether it's a top load or front load model, different problems can lead to the same issue. Below, we'll explore specific scenarios and solutions related to Samsung washers not spinning clothes dry, stopping on the spin cycle, issues with the Active Waterjet feature, and problems with the front load washer drum.

    Samsung Top Load Washer Not Spinning Clothes Dry

    If your Samsung top load washer is not spinning clothes dry, this could be due to several reasons. One of the most common issues is an imbalanced load. When the washer senses an imbalance, it may not reach the high spin speeds needed to fully dry the clothes.

    • Check for Overloading: Overloading the washer can cause the drum not to spin properly. Ensure the load is evenly distributed and not too heavy.
    • Inspect the Drive Belt: A worn or broken drive belt can lead to spin cycle issues. Check if the belt is intact and properly tensioned.
    • Examine the Lid Switch: If the lid switch is faulty, the washer might stop spinning. Ensure the switch clicks when you close the lid.

    In these situations, users often find that their Samsung washer doesn’t spin or Samsung washer drum not spinning due to mechanical issues like a faulty drive belt or lid switch.

    Samsung Washer Stops on Spin Cycle

    When a Samsung washer stops on the spin cycle, it can be quite disruptive. This issue could be caused by several factors, including problems with the door lock assembly or electronic control board.

    • Door Lock Assembly: If the door lock is malfunctioning, the washer may stop spinning mid-cycle. Listen for unusual clicking sounds or check for error codes indicating a door lock issue.
    • Electronic Control Board: A faulty control board might prevent the washer from completing its spin cycle. Signs include irregular cycle timing or complete stoppage.

    These interruptions often result in Samsung washer spin cycle issues where the Samsung washer stopped spinning unexpectedly.

    Samsung Active Waterjet Not Spinning

    The Samsung Active Waterjet feature is designed to provide a powerful water stream for pre-treating clothes. If this feature isn't working properly, it might be a symptom of a larger problem with the washer's spinning mechanism.

    • Motor Issues: The motor that drives the spinning action may be defective. Listen for grinding or squealing noises, which are indicative of motor problems.
    • Control Board Problems: The electronic control board might not be sending the correct signals to initiate the spin cycle.

    These problems often lead to users noticing that their Samsung washer is not spinning and experiencing Samsung washer spin cycle issues.

    Samsung Front Load Washer Drum Not Spinning

    For front load washers, a non-spinning drum can be particularly problematic. This issue can stem from a variety of mechanical failures.

    • Drive Belt Inspection: Just like with top load washers, check the drive belt for signs of wear or damage.
    • Motor Failure: A faulty motor can prevent the drum from spinning. Look for signs such as the drum not moving at all or making unusual noises.
    • Shock Absorbers: Damaged shock absorbers can lead to excessive vibration and prevent the drum from spinning properly. Inspect and replace if necessary.

    In cases where the Samsung front load washer drum not spinning is the issue, these checks can help diagnose and resolve the problem effectively.

    By addressing these specific scenarios, we can ensure that each type of spinning issue with Samsung washers is thoroughly understood and resolved. Always remember to consult your washer's manual and consider professional repair services if the problem persists.

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