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While most upright freezers have automatic defrost systems that prevent frost buildup continuously, many chest freezers need to be manually defrosted when ¼ to ½ inch of frost builds up inside the freezer. How fast the frost builds up depends on... Read more .

Almost nothing can be more excruciating than an AC that won’t turn on in the middle of summer. Sometimes, air conditioning problems have easy fixes. Checking basic issues may restore cooling in your home right away. This video outlines some... Read more .

Sears Technicians run lots of service calls on central air conditioners during the summer. Many service calls result from a clogged drain pipe. Mold, snails or other obstructions can build up in the air conditioner drain pipe and eventually clog... Read more .

DIY appliance repair can be dangerous if you don’t follow strict safety guidelines. Prevent risks of personal injury and property damage by following these 5 important safety tips. 1. Unplug the Appliance Always, always, always unplug the... Read more .

Your first day on the job as a Sears Technician will consist of orientation and paperwork, but you’ll quickly move on to a unique combination of classroom and hands-on training that will provide you with world-class technical skills. Initial... Read more .

Your water heater is one of the most forgotten-about appliances in your home—until it quits working. Once you realize that there’s no hot water, the water heater jumps up to become the most noticeable appliance you have. No one in your family will... Read more .

You fill your dishracks with dirty dishes then close the dishwasher door—expecting to set the cycle, but the control panel is dead. You’re thinking to yourself, this has got to be one of the most frustrating appliance failures ever. It seems to... Read more .

When your home loses its primary source of electrical power due to a utility company power outage, a whole house backup generator kicks in to supply your home with electricity. Here’s how it works. Fuel Supply The backup generator needs a fuel... Read more .

Sears Home Services is expanding and we need Appliance Service Technicians throughout the United States. Although we hire experienced technicians, we also hire and train applicants with less than 1 year of related experience and those just out of... Read more .

If you’re able to follow our Sears PartsDirect DIY troubleshooting to diagnose and fix your appliances, then you’ve already got a good understanding of what some service tech training looks like. Service technicians analyze symptoms and use... Read more .

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