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You depend on your range hood to help keep your kitchen air clean and odor-free. The range hood also provides lighting for your cooktop. When your range hood stops working, you’ll want to fix it fast. You may be able to fix the range hood... Read more .

Spills sometimes drip down the air vents at the top of the oven door and wind up staining the inside surfaces of the door’s glass. These interior glass surfaces are difficult to reach. The best way to reach interior oven door spills is to remove... Read more .

Sears Home Services has a nationwide network of highly trained technicians who repair appliances, HVAC systems, exercise machines and more. Sears Techs are #1 in the industry for many reasons. Our technicians receive factory training from all... Read more .

Fixing a riding mower that won’t start can be challenging without the proper knowledge, experience and training. Sears Technicians receive factory training on riding mowers and other lawn & garden equipment so they can accurately fix any type... Read more .

With small slots and tiny ports designed to distribute gas and control flames, gas burners are challenging to clean—unless you have the right tools and know-how. Removing burned-on spills from burner grates without ruining their finish can also be... Read more .

Regular maintenance of your refrigerator helps keep the appliance operating efficiently and prevents unexpected breakdowns. You may be able to perform refrigerator maintenance yourself. Follow these 4 tips from Sears Technician Tom Charland to... Read more .

While most upright freezers have automatic defrost systems that prevent frost buildup continuously, many chest freezers need to be manually defrosted when ¼ to ½ inch of frost builds up inside the freezer. How fast the frost builds up depends on... Read more .

Almost nothing can be more excruciating than an AC that won’t turn on in the middle of summer. Sometimes, air conditioning problems have easy fixes. Checking basic issues may restore cooling in your home right away. This video outlines some... Read more .

Sears Technicians run lots of service calls on central air conditioners during the summer. Many service calls result from a clogged drain pipe. Mold, snails or other obstructions can build up in the air conditioner drain pipe and eventually clog... Read more .

DIY appliance repair can be dangerous if you don’t follow strict safety guidelines. Prevent risks of personal injury and property damage by following these 5 important safety tips. 1. Unplug the Appliance Always, always, always unplug the... Read more .

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