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Discover expert tips and tricks for effortless appliance care and easy home ownership.Need help with appliance repair?


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Image of homeowner needing to decipher Samsung Dryer Error codes.

4 Tips for Deciphering Samsung Clothes Dryer Error Codes in 2024

Find the most common Samsung clothes dryer error codes and their solutions. Get professional help from Sears Home Services.

5 min readMay. 23Dryer
Image of homeowners fixing a noisy dishwasher

Find simple solutions for a noisy dishwasher at Sears Home Services.

6 min readMay. 21Dishwasher
Discovering the Top 6 Reasons Why Your Dishwasher is Not Working

Discover the top 6 reasons your dishwasher is not working with Sears Home Services.

5 min readMay. 21Dishwasher
Top 5 Dryer Problems: Troubleshooting and Tips

Unlock the secrets to resolving your most frustrating dryer dilemmas with expert insights and tips.

8 min readMay. 21Dryer


5 Microwave Cleaning Tips: Achieve a Spotless Microwave Like a Pro image

5 Microwave Cleaning Tips: Achieve a Spotless Microwave Like a Pro

Discover the top 5 microwave cleaning tips to ensure your appliance stays clean and odor-free. Trust Sears Home Services for expert advice.

4 min readMay. 23Microwave
Discover 5 New Glass Cooktop Cleaning Tips for a Pristine Cooktop image

Discover 5 new glass cooktop cleaning tips at Sears Home Services. Keep your cooktop looking brand new with these expert cleaning techniques!

5 min readMay. 23Range
5 Dishwasher Do's and Don'ts This BBQ Season Title image

Discover the top 5 dishwasher do's and don'ts this BBQ season at Sears Home Services.

4 min readMay. 21Dishwasher
Laundry Labels: Laundry Label Symbols Explained

Discover the meaning behind laundry label symbols with our helpful guide - laundry label symbols explained!

2 min readMay. 21Laundry Appliances


HEEHRA rebates under the IRA of 2022 image.

HEEHRA Rebate Program: How It Works and When to Expect Rebates in 2024

HEEHRA fosters economic growth and a better environment by promoting energy-efficient appliances and systems. Find out how this program can benefit you and the planet here.

5 min readMay. 21HVAC
Average cost of home improvements like kitchen remodels, a new garage door, vinyl siding and more

Discover the 2024 average costs of home improvement projects at Sears Home Services. Get expert advice and free estimates for your next project.

6 min readMay. 21Kitchen Appliances
How to choose a roof color you'll love

Choosing the Right Roof Color: Factors to Consider

5 min readMay. 21Roofing
Game Day Ready: Ensuring Uninterrupted Power with a Reliable Home Generator image

Ensure uninterrupted power on game day with a reliable home generator.

4 min readMay. 21Generator