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Discover expert tips and tricks for effortless appliance care and easy home ownership.Need help with appliance repair?


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Fix That Racket! How to Repair a Noisy Dryer image

Fix That Racket! How to Repair a Noisy Dryer

Learn how to fix a noisy dryer with expert tips from Sears Home Services.

4 min readJul. 22Dryer
A mother and her son share a happy moment together as they load the dishwasher in their cozy kitchen.

Learn how to unclog a Bosch dishwasher with our step-by-step guide. Discover practical tips for preventing future drainage issues for optimal performance.

7 min readJul. 19Dishwasher
How to Fix a Garage Door Opener Remote: A Comprehensive Guide image.

Learn how to fix a garage door opener remote with our expert tips.

5 min readJul. 17Garage Door Opener
A homeowner inspecting the seal on his freezer

Learn how to tackle and prevent ice buildup in your freezer with our practical guide. Discover common causes, effective removal techniques, and tips for maintaining a frost-free appliance.

6 min readJul. 12Freezer


Home Maintenance Tasks for a Stress-Free School Year

Home Maintenance Tasks for a Stress-Free School Year

Perform these home maintenance tasks to help you enjoy a stress-free school year.

5 min readJul. 18HVAC
Top-Load Washer Maintenance Checklist

Keep your top-load washer running smoothly with our 2024 maintenance checklist.

5 min readJul. 15Washer
A young homeowner attentively addresses a minor water leak in front of her LG front-load washer after manually draining it.

Discover how to quickly fix and prevent LG front-load washer draining issues with expert advice from Sears Home Services.

8 min readJul. 11Washer
A homeowner gently cleans her stovetop.

Discover eco-friendly and effective methods to remove burn marks from your electric stove top and keep it in pristine condition.

6 min readJun. 28Range


8 Steps to Install a Wood Fence in 2024

8 Steps to Install a Wood Fence in 2024

Get expert advice from Sears Home Services and learn about the 8 steps you need to follow to install a wood fence.

13 min readJul. 22Fencing
A family enjoying their above-ground pool in their fenced backyard on a bright, sunny day.

Discover whether you need a fence around your above-ground pool with our guide, covering safety, privacy, and security benefits, plus tips on choosing and installing the perfect pool fence.

6 min readJul. 19Fencing
Breaking Down the Cost to Replace a Dishwasher image

Learn about the costs of replacing your dishwasher in 2024 and get expert advice on dishwasher replacement from Sears Home Services.

5 min readJul. 18Dishwasher
A new roof basks in the glow of a perfect summer day, protecting the home below.

Discover why summer is the best time for roof replacement with Sears Home Services, and how it can save you time and protect your home for seasons to come.

6 min readJun. 20Roofing


How to Get Total Protection from a Home Warranty

How to Get Total Protection from a Home Warranty

Discover how to get total protection from a home warranty with Sears Home Services.

6 min readJul. 16Kitchen Appliances
Why Do I Need a Home Warranty?

Discover the benefits of a home warranty. Find out why you need one to safeguard your home and its appliances.

9 min readJun. 27Kitchen Appliances
How to Find the Best Home Warranty for Appliances

Discover how to find the best home warranty for appliances at Sears Home Services.

6 min readJun. 17Laundry Appliances
What Does a Home Warranty Cover?

What does a home warranty cover? Find out now.

8 min readJun. 10HVAC