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When you see water seeping out from under the dishwasher or from under the counter next to it, you’ll need to take immediate action to fix the leak and minimize damage to counters and baseboards in your kitchen. In case the leak is caused by the... Read more .

There can be many reasons why your refrigerator stops working properly. Some common fridge problems are simple to solve by using proven DIY tactics while some failures need to be diagnosed and repaired by an appliance repair technician. Sears... Read more .

When you get ready to leave for your summer vacation, don’t forget to prepare your home for your absence. Keep your house and everything in it safe from potential damage, flooding and theft by following these helpful tips. You’ll be able to fully... Read more .

Helpful tips to follow when you choose to pursue a career as an in-home service tech Get the Necessary Education and Training Most in-home service technician roles require a high school diploma or equivalent. Make sure you get that basic... Read more .

Air fryers have been a top gift item for several years now. They often get overlooked as a cooking appliance in the kitchen. Some people are even scared to use it. Whether you’re already using your air fryer or you’re letting it sit in the pantry... Read more .

Induction ranges efficiently convert electric current into a magnetic field that heats the bottom of a pot or pan quickly. Instead of using the flame from your gas burner, you could begin using the more efficient induction heat source for... Read more .

When shopping for air conditioner air filters, you’ll find dozens of choices available. In addition to seeing different brands, you’ll also notice a wide variety of air filter ratings. Three major rating systems exist for AC air filters. MERV... Read more .

Many urban neighborhoods have home owners’ associations (HOA’s) that set rules and standards to help maintain the collective property value of the homes in the neighborhood. HOA rules often govern yard and property maintenance to keep the... Read more .

As I think about what Women’s History Month means to me, I think about the people that helped shaped me into the leader I am today. From the strong women in my family to the courageous female managers that I have worked with over the years, my... Read more .

During Women’s History Month, I feel compelled to share my story of success and offer advice to others who will play vital roles in the success of our company and country. The Beginnings I began my career with Sears in 2001 as an e-commerce... Read more .

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