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Dishwasher not spinning

Common reasons your dishwasher not spinning

The most common reasons your dishwasher is not spinning are a defective electronic control board, damaged user interface control or a faulty pump and motor assembly.

  • 62%

    62% of the time it's the
    Electronic Control Board

  • 17%

    17% of the time it's the
    User Interface Control

  • 5%

    5% of the time it's the
    Pump and Motor Assembly

  • 16%

    16% of the time it's the
    Something else

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    Common dishwasher repair parts you may need

    Replacing one of these dishwasher parts may fix your problem.

    Electronic Control Board Replacement

    If your dishwasher spray arm isn't spinning, the dishwasher might have a faulty electronic control board. When the control board's memory and logic get messed up, it may stop sending power to the wash motor. This could be due to a malfunctioning relay or electronic component. Figuring out if the control board is the issue can be tricky. Call a Sears Home Services technician to check and fix your dishwasher if it's not spinning the spray arms.

    User Interface Control Replacement

    If your dishwasher isn't spinning, a damaged user interface control might be the culprit. This control links to the electronic control board and communicates signals to manage the dishwashing cycle. If a key on the user interface control gets stuck, it can disrupt the cycle, causing the dishwasher to stop working. If you suspect a damaged user interface control, contact a Sears Home Services Repair Expert to assess and replace it if necessary.

    Pump and Motor Assembly Replacement

    If the spray arms aren't spinning in your dishwasher, it's probable that a faulty pump and motor assembly isn't generating sufficient water pressure and flow through the water delivery system to rotate the spray arms and disperse the spray. You might notice loud noises like buzzing or grinding emanating from a faulty pump and motor assembly. If your dishwasher becomes noisy and fails to clean the dishes effectively, it's advisable to have a Sears Home Services Repair Expert inspect your dishwasher and address the issue.

    What to expect when you experience a dishwasher not spinning issue

    How do I fix the spray arm not spinning problem?

    Addressing most issues where the dishwasher spray arm isn't spinning typically requires replacing the electronic control board, user interface control, or pump and motor assembly. Nonetheless, given the numerous potential causes, conducting a comprehensive diagnosis is crucial for resolving the problem. A precise diagnosis is necessary for determining the extent of the repair needed.

    Sears Home Services recommendations for fixing a dishwasher that is not spinning

    If the dishwasher isn't spinning, there could be various reasons behind it. To prevent unnecessary part replacements, we advise having a Sears Home Services professional conduct diagnostic tests to pinpoint the root cause. Our technicians possess expertise in diagnosing all kinds of dishwasher issues.

    What to look for with a dishwasher not spinning diagnosis

    Troubleshooting modern appliances without the right expertise and training can pose challenges. Attempting to fix dishwasher issues without employing proper diagnostic methods often leads to guesswork in part replacement. With advancements in appliance technology over the past decade, many models now incorporate intricate electronic components that are hard to assess. As a result, do-it-yourself repairs on the latest appliance models are becoming more complex.

    What our customers say about us

    With more than 1.3 Million 5 Star Reviews, you don't have to take our word for it


    James called to give an estimated arrival time. He was professional and personable. He had 2 professional ideas of the problem and found 1 was correct, but he didn't stop there. He did a thorough check of the appliance. 1 small part was needed. He ordered the part to my house. Fortunately, he was able to schedule for the next week, just before Thanksgiving. As before, he called ahead, arrived and quickly fixed the problem. My appliance is working perfectly.

    Kirsten A, Oxford, PA

    Service Call

    Luke was great. Polite and knowledgeable even though the dishwasher was older than he!

    James G, Hillsboro, MO


    Daniel went above and beyond to fix my dish washer. Very pleasant to deal with.

    Paul F, Hghlnds Ranch, CO

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