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Follow our expert’s advice to help avoid accidents while using your lawn mower, chainsaw, weed wacker and other yard tools. Spring is in the air. Soon enough it will be time for all those outdoor chores you either love or dread: cutting and... Read more .

A central AC system (known in the biz as a split-system AC) is a lifesaver when summer goes from lovely to broiling. But how does an central AC system work, exactly? Knowing how your AC system operates puts you be in the know when it’s time for... Read more .

Uncover the truth behind these common dishwasher myths. Some of us scrub our dishes so well before they go in the dishwasher that they hardly need any more cleaning. Did you know that’s actually detrimental? Dishwashers aren’t exactly... Read more .

Sears Appliance Experts talk about transitioning from the military to a Sears Home Services career. In observance of Veterans Day, we’re showcasing five U.S. veterans who joined the Sears Home Services team after bravely serving our country.... Read more .

How long does your HVAC warranty last? What’s not included in your warranty terms? Make sure you’re covered. When you’re shopping for a heating or cooling system for your home, don’t forget to research warranties. An HVAC unit is a major home... Read more .

You don’t have to sacrifice safety and practicality to get that spa-like feel in your new bathroom. Do you walk into a cramped, outdated bathroom every morning and wonder how you could improve it? Would you love to relax in your tub — if it... Read more .

These energy-efficient projects will save energy (good for the Earth) and money (good for you). Earth Month is the perfect time to think about reducing your energy consumption and improving your home’s energy efficiency. Whether you are building... Read more .

1. Should you “roof over”? Like many home improvement projects, replacing a roof can be costly. One way you may think you can save money is with a “roof over” or by re-roofing - this means placing the new shingles directly over the old ones.... Read more .

Common water heater problems and how to solve them — ’cause there’s nothing worse than a cold shower. Your water heater tends to go underappreciated — until the warm water runs out mid-shower or it springs a leak, that is. Knowing some of the... Read more .

We saw open kitchens and shelving, painted cabinets and earthy colors in 2014. What will be this year’s popular kitchen trends? The kitchen is truly the heart of the home, a place for family and guests to come together to create and consume... Read more .

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