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Table of Contents

Why Sustainable Living Matters

Picking Green Appliances for Your Home

Adopting Sustainable Practices in Your Everyday Life

What's Next for Sustainable Appliances?

How You Can Support Sustainable Living

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Step into Sustainable Living: Eco-Friendly Appliances and Practices for Your Home in 2024

5 min readUpdated May. 10, 2024Lyle WeischwillKitchen Appliances
Step into Sustainable Living: Eco-Friendly Appliances and Practices for Your Home image

Welcome to Sears Home Services. We're here to help you build a greener future with sustainable living with eco-friendly appliances and practices for your home. We believe it's possible to create a green environment without sacrificing comfort or convenience. Let's dive into the world of eco-friendly living, shall we?


  • Using eco-friendly appliances in your home cuts down on energy and water use to help the environment.
  • Adopting green practices in your home can further reduce energy and water usage.
  • Together, we can all have a huge impact on the environment through the incremental steps that we take to live greener every day.

Why Sustainable Living Matters

Sustainable living isn't just a buzzword—it's a way of life. It means making choices that lessen our impact on the environment, from recycling to using eco appliances. These green appliances sip less electricity and water, which means fewer carbon emissions and less water usage and waste. Plus, they're typically made from non-toxic materials and emit fewer harmful substances. So, you're not just helping the planet—you're creating a healthier home, too.

Let's face it: understanding the importance of sustainable living by using eco-friendly appliances and practices for your home can help you make smarter decisions for the environment and your family.

Picking Green Appliances for Your Home

Are you ready to step up your sustainability game? Choosing eco appliances is a great start. These green appliances are not only good for the planet but can also lead to long-term savings. Here's what you should keep in mind:

  • Energy efficiency is key. Look for high-efficiency appliances, like those with ENERGY STAR certifications. They offer the same performance as traditional appliances, but with less energy consumption.
  • Check for sustainability certifications. When buying electronics such as televisions, look for labels such as EPEAT that prove the appliances meet certain environmental standards.
  • Dispose of your old appliances responsibly. Most contain recyclable materials, so reach out to local recycling centers or schedule a pick-up with your waste management company.
  • If you have gas appliances, consider replacing them with electric appliances. Federal rebates may be available in your area soon to help you transition to electric appliances.

At Sears, we offer a wide range of the greenest appliances. They meet the highest sustainability standards so you can enjoy a greener kitchen and save on energy costs. Visit our Upgrade page to find special offers and financing on new, greener appliances.

Adopting Sustainable Practices in Your Everyday Life

Living a green life means making sustainable choices every day. Here's how you can start.

Unloading a full dishwasher

Greening Your Kitchen

  • Upgrade to eco appliances. They use less energy, which means lower utility bills and less environmental impact.
  • Optimize your cooking methods. Use lids to reduce cooking time and match your cookware size to your burner size to avoid energy wastage.
  • Recycle old cooking pots and pan with bowed bottoms and use new pans with completely flat bottoms that transfer heat efficiently.
  • Run full loads in your dishwasher and washing machine to conserve water. Use eco-friendly dishwasher cycles to clean dishes. Use rinse aid in your dishwasher and dishes will typically dry without using the heated dry setting – saving a significant amount of energy each time you wash dishes.
  • Check the refrigerator temperature settings. You should have the refrigerator compartment setting at 37 degrees and the freezer compartment temperature set at 0 degrees. Adjust the settings if necessary.
  • Fix a leak in a faucet of the fridge dispenser quickly to help conserve water.

Cutting Down on Waste

  • Store food in airtight containers to keep it fresh for longer and reduce food waste.
  • Plan your meals for the week and stick to a shopping list to avoid impulse purchases and unnecessary food waste.
  • Use a compost bin to recycle vegetable and fruit waste into valuable fertilizer for your garden and flower beds.

Creating a Green Laundry Routine

  • Wash with cold water to save energy and air dry clothes when you can to extend their life.
  • Use the shallow-fill instead of deep-fill setting on your washer. Washers are now designed to clean clothes properly using much less water.
  • Use less laundry detergent. You only need about a tablespoon on laundry detergent to effectively clean most loads.

Remember, every little step towards sustainable living: eco-friendly appliances and practices for your home counts.

What's Next for Sustainable Appliances?

The future of sustainable appliances is bright. Manufacturers are constantly innovating to create greener, smarter appliances. For instance, modern refrigerators and washing machines now have improved insulation and water-saving features. Plus, the rise of smart appliances allows homeowners to monitor their energy usage and make adjustments for optimal efficiency. And let's not forget about renewable energy sources like solar power, which reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.

At Sears, we're all about offering the greenest appliances and recommending sustainable practices. Our range of energy-efficient appliances can help you live greener without sacrificing performance.

How You Can Support Sustainable Living

Sustainable living is more than just reducing carbon emissions. It's also about supporting brands and businesses that prioritize green practices. Share your experiences of helping the environment with friends and family. Encourage them to make eco-friendly choices too. By recruiting others to recycle and conserve energy, you're making a positive impact on the environment.

Get involved in your local community. Volunteer for environmental conservation projects or join local sustainability groups. Every step counts towards building a greener future.

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