Top-Load Washing Machine Won’t Fill With Water: Potential Causes

By Terry Mehilos | Apr. 19, 2018 7:53 am PST

Why does your top-load washing machine not fill up? Watch our video to discover if the problem is your washing machine water valves, a kink in the water hose or some type of clog.

Your top-load washing machine obviously needs water to do its job. So when it’s not filling up with water, you know something’s up. There are some things you can check very easily that may solve the problem. Our video walks you through the troubleshooting process and shows you step-by-step how to unclog your water inlet screens. But be careful: Do this incorrectly and you could flood your home.

Remember to consult your owner’s manual first for information on how to properly care for your specific appliance.

Washer Won’t Fill?

1. Check that the lid is completely closed.

2. Make sure the hot and cold water supplies are on.

3. See if the fill hoses are kinked.

4. Check if the water inlet screens are clogged.

To do this, you must first turn off the water. Then remove the fill hoses and clean the screens. Don’t remove them — this could possibly cause flooding. Reinstall the hoses and turn the water back on. Make sure there aren’t any leaks.

If your top-load washer still won’t fill with water, it’s time to call for a repair.

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