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Microwave noisy

Common reasons your microwave noisy

The most common reasons your microwave is noisy are a bad thermostat, malfunctioning electronic control board or a broken switch.

  • 66%

    66% of the time it's the

  • 13%

    13% of the time it's the
    Electronic Control Board

  • 3%

    3% of the time it's the

  • 18%

    18% of the time it's the
    Something else

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    Common microwave repair parts you may need

    Replacing one of these microwave parts may fix your problem.

    Thermostat Replacement

    A malfunctioning thermostat in a microwave can lead to various issues, primarily affecting the power supply to the microwave's components. Microwaves are equipped with multiple internal thermostats designed to safeguard against potential hazards if components within the microwave malfunction. For instance, many microwaves are fitted with a magnetron thermostat that triggers if it detects excessive current flowing to the magnetron or high temperatures within the microwave cavity. Another thermostat monitors the temperature of the cooking cavity and activates if temperatures become too high. If any of these thermostats are triggered, the microwave will fail to start, and its lights, fans, and display will cease to function. Given that microwaves contain high-voltage transformers and capacitors capable of retaining dangerous levels of electricity even when unplugged, it's advisable to have a Sears Home Services professional inspect the microwave and carry out any necessary repairs.

    Electronic Control Board Replacement

    If the electronic control board of a microwave is malfunctioning, it can result in various issues, such as a lack of power or heating, or it may prevent the microwave from shutting off. This is because the board acts as the central control unit of the microwave, overseeing critical components like the magnetron for heating food, cooling fans, lights, the turn-table motor, cooking durations, power level adjustments, and the display. A malfunctioning electronic control board can disrupt communication among numerous components. Additionally, a faulty board may produce abnormal sounds like chattering or clicking, or emit a burning odor. Given the potential repercussions on multiple components, it's advisable to have a Sears Home Services professional perform diagnostic tests on the board to ascertain if replacement is necessary.

    Switch Replacement

    If a switch in a microwave is broken, it can lead to various issues, primarily affecting the power supply to the microwave components. Microwaves are equipped with multiple internal thermal switches and interlock switches designed to safeguard users in the event of component failure. For instance, door interlock switches prevent the microwave from operating when the door is open to prevent exposure to harmful radiation. Additionally, many microwaves feature a magnetron thermal switch that trips upon detecting excessive current flow to the magnetron or high temperatures within the microwave cavity. Another thermal switch monitors the cooking cavity's temperature and activates when high temperatures are detected. If any of these switches malfunction, it can result in the microwave failing to start, with the lights, fans, and display becoming non-functional. Given that microwaves contain high-voltage transformer and capacitors that retain potentially hazardous electricity even when unplugged, it's crucial to have a Sears Home Services professional inspect and repair the microwave.

    What to expect when you experience a microwave noisy issue

    How to fix a microwave that makes noise

    Repairing most noise-related issues typically entails replacing the thermostat, electronic control board, or switch. However, since various factors could be contributing to the problem, conducting a comprehensive diagnosis is crucial for effective resolution. An accurate diagnosis is essential for determining the extent and cost of the repair.

    Sears Home Services advice for a noisy microwave

    When the microwave produces noise, there could be various underlying reasons. To prevent unnecessary part replacements, we suggest consulting a Sears Home Services professional who can conduct diagnostic tests to pinpoint the root cause of the issue. Our technicians possess expertise in diagnosing all kinds of microwave malfunctions.

    What to watch for with a microwave that makes noise diagnosis

    Analyzing modern appliance failures while lacking adequate knowledge and training can prove challenging. Attempting repairs without employing precise diagnostic methods may result in haphazard part replacements. Over the past decade, appliances have evolved significantly, with numerous models incorporating intricate electronic components that are challenging to assess. Consequently, self-repairs on the latest appliance models are growing progressively intricate.

    What our customers say about us

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    Michael C offered an excellent service

    5 stars!!! Michael was quick and knowledgeable! Very accommodating and professional

    Andreina G, Naples, FL


    Mark really went over the microwave trying to fix it, this was his second time here for the same problem. August till ? till we get it replaced. we appreciate him for his knowledge of his job. thank you Mark

    H M, Cadiz, OH


    Mr. David is very polite and intelligent gentlemen. He came to replace a part on my microwave and he checked the microwave to make sure it was working properly. Mr. David gave me a courtesy call that he will be arriving in 15mins. He arrived on time for the appointment and took care of his job duties. Thanks Mr. David for all the hard work you do at Sears. Keep up all the good work.

    Pamela W, Baltimore, MD

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