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Microwave oven repair services near me

Magic Chef Microwave Repair

We're in your neighborhood, and we'll fix it no matter where you bought it.

Magic Chef microwave oven repair service

If you need fast, efficient Magic Chef microwave oven repair at a fair price, choose Sears Home Services. We can fix your broken microwave whether you bought it from Sears or not. We repair Magic Chef and other major brands, makes and models of microwaves. You can depend on our technicians to complete the job on time. And because we screen all of our appliance repair technicians, you have peace of mind that all of our staff are trustworthy and reliable.

Whether you need a Magic Chef microwave door handle or door latch repair, microwave keypad repair, or your microwave oven isn't heating, we can help you. We repair the following types of microwave ovens in-home for your convenience:

  • Magic Chef hanging microwave.
  • Magic Chef over-the-range microwave.
  • Magic Chef built-in microwave.
  • Magic Chef oven and microwave combo.

Remember, microwaves can store a lethal amount of electricity; it's extremely important that a licensed technician test it and replace electric components if necessary. Whatever problem you're having with your Magic Chef microwave oven or any other home appliances, get in touch with Sears Home Services, your local Magic Chef appliance repair company.

Magic Chef microwave oven failures that our appliance repair experts can repair

The appliance repair experts at Sears Home Services can perform quality microwave repairs on all types of Magic Chef models. When a technician comes to your home for a service call, they'll diagnose your microwave's malfunction and fix the problem quickly. Our service providers can also recommend a maintenance plan to extend the life of your appliances.

Microwave won't turn on

When your Magic Chef microwave won't turn on, there could be a simple fix, such as power not getting to the appliance (check the circuit breaker or fuse box) or a child lock engaged on some models.

Barring these issues, there are several other possible problems. Some lower cost part failures include a faulty control panel, bad temperature sensor and a blown fuse (inside the microwave). More expensive repairs include replacing the electronic control board which can be damaged by a power surge or installing a new magnetron.

Microwave won't heat to right temperature

When your Magic Chef microwave fails to heat to the proper temperature, your food could be overcooked, undercooked, or cooked unevenly. Check the heat settings on your microwave to see if power level is set properly. If the microwave settings and correct and the microwave isn’t heating properly, have a service technician diagnose and repair the heating problem.

Microwave light won't turn on

First, try replacing the bulb yourself if the instructions in the owner’s manual allow you to complete that task. Interior microwave lights can sometimes only be replaced by a service technician. If that doesn't solve the problem, it's likely an electrical malfunction and will require a microwave repair expert. Possible solutions include replacing the light switch, the light socket, a control mechanism, or a connecting wire.

Why choose Sears Home Services for Magic Chef oven microwave repair?

Our appliance repair experts know Magic Chef microwaves

The appliance repair experts at Sears Home Services are certified to service Magic Chef microwaves, as well as major appliances from other manufacturers. From regular maintenance to troubleshooting a major issue, our experienced microwave repair technicians can help keep your appliances running smoothly.

Flexible scheduling

Sometimes your Magic Chef microwave can make noises that signal a problem or imminent breakdown and often failures occur unexpectedly. Schedule your Sears Home Services appointment online or over the phone at a time that's convenient for you, with same-day or next-day service available in many areas.

Appointment updates

When you schedule a home appliance repair service call, you'll receive helpful reminders, confirmation of changes, and even notifications as your service window gets closer to the day of your appointment. Receive updates on your Magic Chef microwave repair via your preferred method: text, email, or phone.

Protection plans

When you purchase a new appliances for your home, you want to ensure that they last. Ask your certified technician about Sears Home Services Appliance Warranty Plans to safeguard your home appliance investments.

Magic Chef Microwave is quick and easy

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Book online in less than a minute.

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Save up to $150 on your repair if you enroll in a home warranty.

Additional possible Magic Chef microwave symptoms you may experience

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