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Kenmore Pro Appliance Repair

Kenmore Pro Appliance Repair

Wherever You Bought Your Kenmore Pro Appliance, Sears Home Services Will Repair It.

Call (802) 613-1926 or schedule online now.

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Kenmore Pro repair is quick and easy

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Save up to $150 on your repair if you enroll in a home warranty.

Kenmore Pro -- Offering Professional Design and Performance

Kenmore Pro appliances make a statement in your home, turning your kitchen into a stage. With professional design and performance, Kenmore Pro kitchen appliances transform your meals into the star of your show.

The Kenmore Pro team takes the best of what other manufacturers have to offer. Then they identify unmet needs and insights to make them even optimize and customize the best-performing appliances in the industry. Only then are they worthy of the Kenmore Pro name.

Designed to get meals on the table with no hassle, Kenmore Pro gas ranges and wall ovens combine easy-to-use controls with great features. Energy efficiency and low maintenance costs makes a Kenmore Pro gas oven one of the best kitchen appliances. A Kenmore Pro gas range gives you greater control over temperature, making it easier to simmer and boil. All meals turn out great when cooking on Kenmore Pro appliances.

Refrigeration in the world of Kenmore Pro means the flexibility to organize just the way you like. Ample storage in Kenmore Pro refrigerators keeps food fresh and delicious. Kenmore Pro fridges provide perfect places to store foods and clever conveniences that other brands don’t offer. That’s more of what matters – that’s Kenmore Pro.

Sears Home Services Will Repair Your Kenmore Pro Appliances No Matter Where You Bought Them!

It doesn’t matter where you bought your Kenmore Pro appliance. If it breaks, then Sears Home Services will send our expert appliance repair technicians to your home to repair and maintain your Kenmore Pro appliances.

Sears Home Services Conducts Thousands of Brand Name Repairs Each Month!

Even dependable appliances break, wear out, need maintenance or require the occasional repair. Should your Kenmore Pro appliance require a repair, you can trust the expert technicians at Sears Home Services—the leading appliance repair service in the nation.

Should Your Kenmore Pro Appliance Require Service, You Can Rely On Sears Home Services!

Our expert Kenmore Pro technicians will diagnose the problem with your appliance, carefully explain the issue, and conduct the repair.

Do You Need to Have a Kenmore Pro Appliance Repaired or Maintained?

Trust Sears Home Services for fast, reliable service! Schedule your appointment with Sears Home Services for a time that works best for you! You can select:


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Common Kenmore Pro symptoms to look out for

  • Kenmore Pro refrigerator not cooling