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Trash Compactor Repair

When your trash compactor isn’t working, Sears Home Services is here to help. We have factory-trained service technicians near you that can visit your home and fix the trash compactor quickly and efficiently.

Why Choose Sears Home Services for Trash Compactor Repair?

Sears Home Services is the #1 trash compactor repair service provider in the country. We have factory-trained service technicians in every major metropolitan area. Same-day or next-day repair service is available in many areas.

Sears uses OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts to fix trash compactor failures. OEM parts fit properly and last longer than after-market repair parts.

Sears Technicians repair every brand of trash compactor – no matter where you bought it.

Trash Compactor Brands that Sears Repairs

Sears Service Technicians repair the following brands of trash compactors:

  • Kenmore
  • Whirlpool
  • KitchenAid
  • GE (General Electric)
  • Jenn-Air
  • Amana

Choose the top service provider in America to repair your trash compactor when it breaks down. We’ll fix your appliance fast – guaranteed.

What to do When Your Trash Compactor is Stuck

A common failure for trash compactors is that the ram sticks in the up or down position and won’t move.

Why is my trash compactor's ram stuck in the down position?

A broken drive gear and sprocket chain, stripped power nuts or a faulty top limit and directional switch can cause the compactor ram to stick in the downward position, and you won't be able to open the trash compactor drawer.

If you want to examine the problem yourself, follow these basic troubleshooting steps:

  • Put on protective gloves and pull the trash compactor out of the cabinet.
  • Unplug the power cord so you can examine components and find the cause of the failure.
  • If the container is full of trash, try to remove the container from the drawer to prevent spilling trash and liquids on the floor while you troubleshoot the problem. (Remember to protect the flooring under the compactor or move it to an appropriate work area first.)
  • Remove the top cover and try to lift the compactor ram manually.
  • If you can lift the ram, hold it up so you can pull open the drawer and remove the trash container. Use a helper if necessary.
  • Check the power nuts to see if they're stripped. If the power nuts grip the power screw threads, the power screws will rotate as you lift the ram. If the power screws don't rotate, then the power nuts are stripped or damaged and should be replaced.

If the power nuts are okay, then a broken chain, stripped drive gears or a faulty motor could be preventing the ram from moving.

Once you determine that a mechanical failure is preventing the trash compactor from working, schedule service and we’ll send a Sears Technician to your home to repair the problem.

Why is my Trash Compactor’s Ram Stuck in the Up Position?

The trash compactor’s ram won't move if the power nuts don't grip the drive screw grooves or if the drive gear and sprocket chain is broken or disconnected from the sprockets. If the motor runs but the ram doesn’t go down, you’ll need to have a service technician examine and repair the trash compactor.

A faulty drawer tilt switch will prevent the ram from going down more than an inch or two. If the motor starts and the ram moves down slightly then reverses and move back to its top position and the drawer is fully closed, check for continuity through the drawer tilt switch. The drawer tilt switch should only reverse the drawer if it detects that the drawer popped open during trash compaction.

A broken top limit and directional switch typically causes the motor to run constantly after the ram reaches its upper travel limit. Because the motor doesn't shut off, you'll typically hear a banging or hammering noise as the motor continues to run with the ram fully lifted.

When you experience these problems with your trash compactor, have a Sears Technician visit your home and fix the problem. We’ll have your trash compactor working again in no time.

Can I fix my Trash Compactor Myself?

You may be able to fix some trash compactor problems on your own. Visit our Trash Compactor DIY Repair Help page for tips and advice on fixing common problems.

When your trash compactor won’t start, check the house circuit breaker for the trash compactor's outlet and reset the circuit breaker if it's tripped. If the breaker isn't tripped, pull the trash compactor out of the cabinet and plug a small lamp or appliance into the trash compactor's electrical outlet to check for power. If the electrical outlet is dead, have an electrician repair the outlet. If the outlet has power, check the condition of the power cord and replace it if it's damaged.

If these DIY tips don’t help, follow the additional advice in our repair help content Trash Compactor: Why won't my trash compactor start?

When you encounter a trash compactor failure that you can’t fix on your own, schedule Sears repair service and we’ll have a service technician visit your home and repair the trash compactor. Our repair experts average more than 10 years of experience and have the knowledge that it takes to quickly diagnose and fix your trash compactor for you. Trust Sears for all of your appliance repair needs.




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