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Freezer repair services near me

Kenmore Elite Freezer Repair

We're in your neighborhood, and we'll fix it no matter where you bought it.

Kenmore Elite freezer repair service

If you own a Kenmore Elite freezer, count on Sears Home Services when you need unexpected repairs or regular maintenance. We're your local industry leader in home appliance repair, and we're ready to help. Like most major brands, Kenmore Elite freezers may need repairs to improve functionality and efficiency as they get older. Our expert repair specialists are trained to prevent failures, identify appliance repair needs to help the freezer work efficiently, and extend the lifespan of your appliance.

When you need someone to call, Sears Home Services is an appliance repair company you can count on. Our teams handle thousands of freezer repairs every year, and the knowledgeable appliance repair experts can help you with the Kenmore Elite freezer repair service you need.

We help solve common Kenmore Elite freezer failures

Sears Home Services will handle Kenmore Elite repairs for upright freezers and chest freezers. During a service call, the appliance repair experts can diagnose your Kenmore Elite freezer issue, recommend maintenance, troubleshoot common issues, and if necessary, make repairs fast. Whether you bought your freezer from Sears or from somewhere else, we can always fix it.

Freezer is too warm

Freezer temperature is important for so many reasons. Cooling issues in a Kenmore Elite freezer can be linked to the faulty condenser fan, clogged coils or failing gaskets. It may be caused by food packaging blocking the vents, but if the cause isn't obvious, count on us to take a closer look.

Frost is building up

Ice buildup leads to poor cooling and reduced energy-efficiency in upright freezers with an automatic defrost system. If you're noticing changes in your Kenmore Elite freezer's auto-defrost cycle or finding more ice buildup than normal, the technicians at Sears Home Services can fix the problem.

Strange noises coming from the freezer

It's somewhat common for a Kenmore Elite freezer to make strange sounds from time to time, but if you're concerned, give the technicians at Sears Home Services a phone call so they can help diagnose the issue.

Popping and cracking noises are often caused by the expansion of internal parts. Occasionally, drips hitting the defrost heater might sound like they're sizzling. In some cases, noises can signal a bigger issue, especially if you have an older appliance. If you hear noises other that these, you’ll likely need to schedule service.

Freezer won't turn on

When your Kenmore Elite freezer suddenly won't turn on, it isn't always easy to self-diagnose. Start by checking the house circuit breaker or fuse for the freezer. If everything looks normal, consider calling Sears Home Services so we can fix the problem. Our expert repair team might find that it's a defective control board, faulty thermostat control or a bad compressor.

Sears home services offers reliable Kenmore Elite freezer repairs

Your local Kenmore Elite freezer repair experts

Our refrigeration technicians service thousands of appliances every year. They're certified in servicing Kenmore Elite freezers, as well as major appliances from most other manufacturers. If you want a regular maintenance plan for peace of mind or need help troubleshooting a major issue, trust that our experienced technicians can help you keep your Kenmore Elite freezer in top shape.

Flexible scheduling

Performance issues can escalate quickly in your Kenmore Elite. The certified experts at Sears Home Services are here to help in a flash. You can schedule online or call for maintenance and request same-day service.

Appointment updates

Reliable confirmations or changes about service are critical when you need your freezer repaired. When you've scheduled Kenmore Elite freezer repair service, rest assured you'll get all the updates you need from the technician via text, email, or phone--whichever you prefer.

Kenmore Elite Freezer is quick and easy

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