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Exercise bike repair services near me

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Stationary Bike Repair

You rely on your stationary bike to keep yourself healthy and in tip-top shape. When your stationary bike isn’t working as it should, Sears Home Services is here to help. Our expert, factory-trained service technicians are near you and can visit your home to fix your stationary exercise bike quickly.

Why Choose Sears Home Services for Stationary Bike Repair?

Sears repair services is the nationwide leader in stationary bike repair. Our service technicians are highly skilled and factory-trained to fix your exercise bike. With over 1,000,000 5-star ratings, our service technicians are the most-trusted source for your repair needs.

If your stationary bike won’t move, is noisy during use, or the display won’t light up, you want quick and reliable repair. Sears technicians are local to your area and offer same-day or next-day service in many areas, so you can count on us to fix your stationary bike fast.

Sears uses OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts to fix your stationary bike, so you can trust the parts will fit properly and last longer than after-market parts.

Stationary Bike Brands that Sears Repairs

Sears service technicians repair most brands, including the following major brands of stationary bikes:
• Bowflex
• Bladez
• Lifestyler
• Reebok
• Weider
• Pro-Form
• Healthrider
• Diamondback
• Schwinn

No matter where you bought your exercise bike, Sears can fix it for you fast-guaranteed.

Can I Fix My Stationary Bike Myself?

You may be able to fix some stationary bike problems yourself. Check the owner’s manual for troubleshooting tips common problems with your stationary bike. If you don’t have your owner’s manual, enter your model number in the search box at Sears PartsDirect to find your owner’s manual.

What to do if the Stationary Bike Power Won’t Turn On

Some stationary bikes have an electronic display to guide you through and track your workout. If the display doesn’t light up, make sure the power cord is plugged into the outlet. Also check your home’s circuit breaker to see if it’s tripped; reset the breaker if needed.

Make sure you’re using the adapter supplied with your machine, and that it’s not pinched or damaged. Replace the adapter if needed.

If your stationary bike has an on/off switch, make sure it’s fully in the one position.

Some exercise cycle consoles use batteries to power the lights. Make sure the batteries are fresh, and replace them if needed.

What to do if the Stationary Bike Console Lights Up but the Time or RPM’s don’t Count

If the console comes on but the time or RPM’s don’t count, first unplug the bike. Remove the console and make sure all connections to the console are secure and are not damaged and pinched. If you find damage to wiring, have a service technician inspect the stationary bike.

If no problem is found with the console connections, the speed sensor or magnet might be dislodged or damaged.

What to do if the Stationary Bike Resistance Levels Seem Wrong

Using the wrong power adapter or plugging the adapter into an extension cord could be causing the problem. Always use the correct adapter for your model, and plug it into a properly grounded power outlet.

If the adapter is good, reset the console by turning it off and allowing the resistance to reset to the default position. Contact a Sears technician to diagnose the problem if this doesn’t resolve the issue.

What to do if the Stationary Bike is Squeaking or Chirping

Make sure you’re using the bike on an even, level surface. Some exercise bikes will have leveling legs on the base; adjust the legs as needed.

Check for loose nuts and bolts, and tighten any loose fittings. You may need to loosen all bolts used during the assembly process, grease the threads and then retighten them.

Sears Home Services – Service You Can Trust

When you encounter a stationary bike failure you’re unable to fix on your own, schedule Sears repair service to fix it for you. Our repair technicians are experts in their field, with an average of 10 years of experience and extensive training and knowledge. They’ll thoroughly inspect your stationary bike to diagnose the problem and fix it for you quickly.

If you’re experiencing problems with any of your home appliances, HVAC systems exercise equipment or outdoor power equipment, Sears Home Services has the experienced services technicians that can help. Our repair experts perform more than 7 million repairs annually, delivering guaranteed quality and workmanship. Trust Sears for all of your appliance repair needs.




Average of 4,000,000+ homes serviced/year. Over 1,000,000 5-star ratings.

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Available 6 days a week in most areas.



2,500+ manufacturer-trained technicians with an average of 10+ years of experience.



Repairs for most major brands, no matter where you bought it.

Stationary bike brands we repair

No matter where you bought it, we can fix it. We repair most major brands, makes, and models.

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No matter where you bought your stationary bike, we’re prepared to repair it. We work on numerous brands including LifeFitness, Reebok, and Schwinn.

See the complete list of brands we repair


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With more than 1.3 Million 5 Star Reviews, you don't have to take our word for it.

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