Replacing a Burnt Out Stove Element

By Lyle Weischwill | Jan. 04, 2024 3:38 am PST

Homeowner replacing a burnt out stove element

Replacing a stove surface burner is a simple DIY repair that most people can complete when your range has coil surface elements. Replacing a burnt out element under a ceramic glass top on your stove is a much more complicated repair that will typically need to be performed by a service technician.

Follow these steps to replace a burnt out coil surface element.

Image of the model number location on a typical stove

1. Order the Replacement Part

Find and use the model number of your stove to order the correct replacement element. You’ll typically find the model number on the frame of the stove just above the right front leveling leg. Open the bottom storage or broiler drawer to see the model number sticker. On some ranges, the model number is on the side of the oven door.

Once you find the model number of your stove, look up the replacement part for the burnt out element on the Sears PartsDirect website and order the new element.

Image of homeowner shutting off the circuit breaker for the stove

2. Disconnect Electrical Power

Once you receive the replacement part, disconnect power from the stove by unplugging the power cord or shutting off the house circuit breakers for the stove. The 2 circuit breakers for the stove are typically connected together to you just need to shut off a double switch. If you live in a older home with fuses instead of breakers, you need to remove the fuses for the stove to disconnect electrical power.

Make sure the surface burner elements are cool before starting the repair.

Image of homeowner removing the coil stove element image

3. Remove the Element

Carefully pull the element out of its connection terminal, lifting it slightly as you slide it out.

Image of homeowner installing a new surface coil element in a range

4. Install the New Element

Push the new coil element into the connection terminal and push it down onto the edge of the drip bowl.

5. Restore Electrical Power to the Stove

Plug the stove back in or reset the house circuit breakers for the stove to restore electrical power. If your home uses house fuses, reinstall the house fuses for the stove to restore power.

What To Do When the Coil Element Doesn’t Heat

When a coil surface element doesn’t heat, the failure causing the problem isn’t always a bad element. Here’s a DIY repair video that shows how to diagnose and fix a problem with a coil surface element not heating.

Sears Home Services Can Replace a Burnt Out Stove Element When You Have a Glass Top Range

When your stove has a ceramic glass top, schedule a Sears Home Services Technician to replace the burnt out stove element. Safely lifting the glass top and replacing a radiant surface element is a challenge for most appliance repair DIY’ers.

Keep Your Stove in Top Shape With Annual Professional Maintenance by Sears Home Services

Depend on Sears Home Services to help you keep your stove in top shape with by scheduling annual stove maintenance checks. Our technician will perform the following services during the visit:

  • Check control operation. Range controls are checked for accurate temperature control of the oven and stovetop burners. Faulty controls can cause the range to waste energy when overheating occurs.
  • Examine oven door alignment and clean the oven door gasket. A loose door gasket or bent door hinges can prevent the oven door from sealing, allowing heat to escape during baking. You’ll wind up paying higher energy bills because the burner ignites more often and stays burning longer to heat the oven. The technician adjusts and cleans the oven door gasket to make sure it seals the oven door properly.
  • Test oven self-cleaning operation. On ranges that have self-cleaning ovens, the service technician checks the control and oven door lock to make sure it stays closed during the self-cleaning cycle. During the self-cleaning operation, oven heats to extremely high temperatures to burn spills and residue inside the oven to ash. To prevent fires, the oven door must remain closed and locked during self-cleaning. If you were to open the door during self-cleaning, a sudden rush of air into the extremely hot oven can cause a serious fire.
  • Check and clean the stovetop burners. The technician cleans and checks electric elements to make sure they’re operating properly and safely. A short circuit in an electric stovetop burner can cause a serious electrocution risk. An element on a glass-top range that overheats can damage the glass top. On a gas range, the technician cleans checks and adjusts the surface burners. A dirty surface burner can fail to ignite – posing a serious safety risk.
  • Check oven burners or elements. The technician examines and adjusts oven burners in a gas range or electric elements in an electric range. Gas oven burners that aren’t adjusted correctly can fail to heat the oven properly and may emit excessive carbon monoxide. Electric elements that aren’t heating correctly will fail to heat the oven properly. A shorted electric element also can pose a serious electrocution risk.
  • Inspect readily accessible electrical wiring. The technician will check the wiring on gas and electric ranges, for insulation damage, proper grounding and secure connections. Damaged wiring or wiring that’s not secure can cause an electrocution risk. The ground connection dissipates an electrical short to prevent you from getting an electric shock if a loose wire touches metal in the range.
  • Level the range and check the anti-tip device. The technician levels the range to reduce the risk that a pot or pan will accidentally slide off a gas surface burner. Leveling also helps items bake properly in the oven. The anti-tip device is an essential bracket that prevents the range from tipping forward when you open the oven door and extend an oven rack out of the range with a dish on the rack.

Having your stove professionally cleaned and maintained every year will help keep it operating efficiently and lasting longer.

We can keep all of your home appliances in top shape when you schedule our Kitchen & Laundry Appliance Check-Up. Our technician will clean and maintain all of your appliances in one convenient visit to keep your home operating smoothly all year long. Additionally, all of your appliances will last longer when you keep them well maintained.

Trust Sears Home Services to help you manage your entire home so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your life with ease.

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