How Do I Clean the Burners on My Gas Stove?

By Lyle Weischwill | Jun. 08, 2022 4:01 am PST

With small slots and tiny ports designed to distribute gas and control flames, gas burners are challenging to clean—unless you have the right tools and know-how. Removing burned-on spills from burner grates without ruining their finish can also be difficult without the right cleaner.

Use the tips in this video to clean the burners on your gas stove and keep them looking like new.

Allow the burners and cooktop to cool completely before you start cleaning.

How To Clean Grates and Burner Caps

You can use gas grate cleaner to safely clean most grates and burner caps.

  1. Fill your kitchen sink with about 2 gallons of water. It doesn’t have to be hot water because you’re going to soak the grates overnight.
  2. Add 3 tablespoons of gas grate cleaner to the water. Stir the water until the granules completely dissolve. This stuff is strong, so wear gloves and avoid getting it on your skin. If you do, rinse it off.
  3. Completely immerse the grates and burner caps in the cleaning solution and soak them overnight.
  4. The next day, put on some rubber gloves and drain the sink. Using a scrub brush or abrasive pad, clean softened soil and residue from the grates and burner caps and rinse everything thoroughly. Wipe the grates clean with a towel.

Don’t use this cleaner on enamel-coated grates and burner caps. If you’re unsure which kind you have, check your owner’s manual for cleaning instructions.

How To Clean Gas Burner Heads

Cleaning the burner heads will keep the gas flowing well, so the burners heat evenly.

  1. With the burner heads cool to the touch, wipe the burner head with a damp cloth.
  2. Remove food and residue between the burner head slots using a toothbrush.
  3. To remove stubborn residue, use a paper clip or sewing needle. A small-gauge wire works also.
  4. Clean the ignition port using a paper clip or wire so the burner ignites properly.
  5. Wipe the burner head with a damp cloth after cleaning the slots and the ignition port.

Using the right tools always makes tasks easier—and Sears has the perfect tool kit for gas burner cleaning. We recommend that you use the Range Gas Surface Burner Cleaning Kit A03675801 for easier and more thorough burner head cleaning. This burner cleaning kit has:

  • Special brush for cleaning burner head slots.
  • Ignition port cleaning tool.
  • Wire cleaning brush to clean the entire burner head.

Follow the instructions in the burner cleaning kit to thoroughly clean burner heads on your gas range.

How To Clean the Gas Cooktop

Clean the rest of the cooktop surface with cooktop cleaning crème. The cleaning cream is safe to use on painted surfaces. Use stainless steel cleaner on stainless steel surfaces on your gas range.

Following these tips keeps your cooktop working and looking like new.

If you have an electric range with a glass cooktop, follow the tips in our How To Clean a Glass Cooktop video to clean your electric stove. That video shows you how to scrape off burned-on spills and let you know which cleaning products are safe to use to buff and polish the surface.

To keep your entire stove in top condition, schedule an annual maintenance and cleaning by a Sears Technician.

Annual stove maintenance and cleaning service includes these steps:

  • Inspect electrical system for proper ground and secure connections.
  • Visually check readily accessible wiring insulation for cracks and/or peeling.
  • Heat check oven controls for accurate temperatures.
  • Check oven door and door gasket for proper alignment. Make sure gasket is clean and soft.
  • Level range and make sure the anti-tip device is installed.
  • Check and adjust clock/timer as needed.
  • Test self-cleaning lock mechanism.
  • Check electronic controls to ensure proper functions.
  • Check surface/oven burners/elements.
  • Clean the oven door gasket.
  • Clean around surface burners.
  • Clean / wipe down exterior of the appliance with appropriate cleaner.

Scheduling your appliance maintenance appointment annually ensures that your range stays in its best working order all year round, and will provide you with years of reliable service.

Also, don’t neglect your other appliances. Save money by bundling all of your appliance maintenance and cleaning services through Sears Home Services to keep every appliance in top shape.

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