Bathroom Remodels: Where Luxury Meets Utility

Bathroom remodeling can be both practical and luxurious

You don’t have to sacrifice safety and practicality to get that spa-like feel in your new bathroom.

Do you walk into a cramped, outdated bathroom every morning and wonder how you could improve it? Would you love to relax in your tub — if it wasn’t so old, chipped and small?

While bathrooms can be one of the most expensive rooms in the house to remodel, there are some easy and inexpensive ways to give your bathroom a luxurious, custom feel. (It’s also one of the home improvement projects with the potential for a high return on your investment.)

Where to begin?

“It’s often best to start with practicality and safety and go from there,” says Joe Maykut , director of product management at Sears Home Services.

To do that, think about how you use the bathroom. Does it need to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use, or is it going to be a showpiece for guests? Will children or older family members use the bathroom frequently? These questions can help you choose the best materials and decor for your lifestyle and transform your bathroom into a luxurious, but practical, retreat.

Choose materials wisely

If the bathroom you plan to remodel is the primary bathroom you use, choose durable materials.

“Bathrooms are particularly susceptible to chemicals,” notes Jim Eldredge , product manager at Sears Home Services. “Certain materials can stain easily, even from spilling nail polish remover.”

Unless you want to deal with ugly stains, you might want to consider material that is more resilient for a frequently used bathroom.

“Granite, one of the more popular options, is a porous stone and can stain,” Eldredge says.

Want a high-end look that’s low-maintenance? Imitation tile could be the way to go. This cuts down on grout maintenance — you won’t have to spend all that time removing discoloration, bacteria, cracks and mold build-up.

Safety play

Consider the safety of the materials you choose as well. Stone and marble products are beautiful, but you want to have a product that won’t leave you on the floor once it’s wet and slippery, Maykut says.

Safety and convenience do not have to be drab, however.

“Shower seats can be very convenient for female customers or older clientele, especially,” he adds. “There are fold-down options, so when you don’t need the seat it can be put away. And options such as teak give the shower a luxurious feel.”

You can also create areas of easy access or “niches” in the shower for hair and bath products to get them off the floor where they could pose safety risks. To finish off a custom shower, Maykut suggests adding a removable shower head, which is convenient and practical but also gives the bathroom a spa-like look.

What’s hot now

Regardless of how you plan to use the bathroom, you can keep it looking fresh and modern by incorporating recent trends into the design. Eldredge suggests:

  • Bronze finishes, rather than the previously popular chrome and glass
  • Dark, cocoa-colored cabinets
  • Subway tiles

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