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Dryer display not working

Common reasons your dryer display not working

The most common reasons your dryer display is not working are a defective electronic control board, defective power supply board or an inoperative user interface control.

  • 52%

    52% of the time it's the
    Electronic Control Board

  • 21%

    21% of the time it's the
    Power Supply Board

  • 16%

    16% of the time it's the
    User Interface Control

  • 11%

    11% of the time it's the
    Something else

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    Common dryer repair parts you may need

    Replacing one of these dryer parts may fix your problem.

    Electronic Control Board Replacement

    If your dryer's display is inactive, it's possible that a malfunctioning electronic control board is hindering the activation of the control panel. The user interface control board in the control panel is linked to the electronic control board within the dryer via wires. When the electronic control board malfunctions, it fails to transmit power and correct signals to the user interface control and control panel, resulting in the dryer not powering on. If your dryer is unresponsive, seek assistance from a Sears Home Services Technician to address the issue.

    Power Supply Board Replacement

    If the display isn't functioning on your dryer, a faulty power supply board might require replacement. The power supply board is responsible for distributing electrical current from the dryer's power cord to various components, including the electronic control board. When the power supply board fails to deliver power to the electronic control board or the control panel, the dryer remains inoperative. If your dryer is unresponsive, contact a Sears Home Services Technician to inspect the appliance. If necessary, the technician will replace the defective power supply board.

    User Interface Control Replacement

    If the dryer control panel display isn't functioning, a malfunctioning user interface control might be to blame. The user interface control is responsible for providing power and signals to the control panel to operate the display and indicator lights. If the control panel remains unresponsive, contact a Sears Home Services Repair Expert to inspect your dryer. If deemed necessary, the technician will replace the defective user interface control.

    What to expect when you experience a dryer display not working issue

    How is the dryer display not working problem fixed?

    Fixing most issues with a non-working display typically requires replacing either the electronic control board, power supply board, or user interface control. However, since various factors could contribute to the problem, a comprehensive diagnosis is crucial for resolving it effectively. An accurate diagnosis is vital for determining the cost of the repair.

    Sears Home Services recommends these steps for a dryer display that is not working

    If the dryer display isn't functioning, several factors could be at play. To prevent replacing unnecessary parts, we advise having a Sears Home Services expert conduct diagnostic tests to pinpoint the issue's source accurately. Our technicians possess extensive experience in diagnosing various dryer malfunctions.

    What you will see with a dryer display not working diagnosis

    Understanding and diagnosing modern appliances without adequate knowledge and training can pose challenges. Attempting to fix issues without employing proper diagnostic methods often leads to guesswork-based part replacements. With appliances advancing significantly, particularly over the last decade, many models feature intricate electronic components that are challenging to assess. As a result, DIY repairs on the latest appliance models are progressively more complex.

    What our customers say about us

    With more than 1.3 Million 5 Star Reviews, you don't have to take our word for it

    Excellent service from Daniel

    Daniel provided excellent service and was very quick to perform the repair. I have nothing good to say about the warranty program and the LACK of customer service and the inability to contact a human being to talk.

    Tammy M, Hilton, NY

    Satisfied customer

    Excellent technician Very thorough and detail oriented Would be happy to have him work on appliances again He managed to find our ranch headquarters in the middle of the desert

    Rose W, Las Cruces, NM

    Dryer service

    He was professional and polite. I didn't call back later that afternoon, although he replaced a thermostat the smart dry timer doesn't work as I was still having the same issue. The lady said she would email him and have him return. Never heard from anyone else.

    Terry F, Oklahoma City, OK

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