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Cooktop not turning on

Common reasons your cooktop not turning on

The most common reasons your cooktop is not turning on are a defective electronic control board, faulty infinite switch or a damaged user interface.

  • 41%

    41% of the time it's the
    Electronic Control Board

  • 15%

    15% of the time it's the
    Infinite Switch

  • 13%

    13% of the time it's the
    User Interface

  • 31%

    31% of the time it's the
    Something else

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    Common cooktop repair parts you may need

    Replacing one of these cooktop parts may fix your problem.

    Electronic Control Board Replacement

    If your cooktop refuses to power on, a faulty electronic control board might be to blame for the issue. Within the circuit board, internal wires can short out or break, hindering power delivery to the control unit. Additionally, the internal logic of the control board may become corrupted due to a power surge or short circuit within the cooktop. If your cooktop remains unresponsive, it's advisable to have a Sears Home Services Appliance Repair Technician inspect and repair the electronic control board to resolve the problem.

    Infinite Switch Replacement

    If your cooktop isn't powering up, a malfunctioning infinite switch could be the culprit behind the issue. This switch is responsible for turning the surface element on and off, as well as regulating its heat level. When the internal contacts of the switch short out, it can cause the house circuit breaker for the cooktop to trip, cutting off power to the appliance. If you find yourself unable to reset the circuit breaker because it keeps tripping again immediately after resetting, it's likely due to a faulty infinite switch preventing the cooktop from turning on. In such cases, it's advisable to have a Sears Home Services Technician inspect and repair your cooktop to restore its power.

    User Interface Replacement

    If the cooktop's user interface is damaged, it may prevent the selected element from turning on or off, or the control buttons on the cooktop may not respond at all. Additionally, there could be issues with display lights, like the hot surface indicator lights. If the cooktop isn't functioning due to a damaged user interface, it's recommended to have a Sears Home Services professional examine the cooktop and replace the interface if needed.

    What to expect when you experience a cooktop not turning on issue

    How to fix a cooktop not turning on problem

    Typically, resolving most issues with cooktops not turning on requires replacing either the electronic control board, infinite switch, or user interface. Yet, since there are various potential causes, a comprehensive diagnosis is crucial for effective repair. Getting an accurate diagnosis is essential for understanding the cost of the repair.

    Follow these Sears Home Services tips for a cooktop that is not turning on

    When the cooktop fails to turn on, numerous factors could be at play. To prevent unnecessary part replacements, we advise engaging a Sears Home Services professional to conduct diagnostic tests. Our technicians possess extensive experience in diagnosing a wide array of cooktop malfunctions.

    What to watch for when dealing with a cooktop not turning on diagnosis

    Identifying issues with modern appliances can pose a challenge without adequate knowledge and training. Relying solely on guesswork to fix your cooktop problem without employing proper diagnostic techniques is unlikely to yield success. Over the past decade, appliances have undergone significant advancements, with many incorporating complex electronic components that are challenging to test. Consequently, DIY repairs on the latest appliance models are becoming progressively more intricate.

    What our customers say about us

    With more than 1.3 Million 5 Star Reviews, you don't have to take our word for it

    fixed my oven within minutes!

    i had previously had a technician out 3 times in the past 1 1/2 years, who was chosen by my home warranty company. The oven never worked, it was always a temporary fix. Shareef listened to the issues i was having and what i thought was the problem and fixed it within minutes! The oven works perfectly now, it does not turn on and off any longer and all 4 burners are hot. He was personable, efficient, and a true professional.

    Julie B, Mt Pleasant, SC

    He tried

    Sometimes things don't work out as planned. Tim tried to fix my oven. Previous guy misdiagnosed the problem. So i am still without. Tim tried and communicated with me about the issues.

    Diane U, Royal Oak, MI

    Excellent Service, prompt and curious!

    Excellent Service, Friendly and courteous! Prompt and eager to fix the stove!

    Mike Barrett, Duluth, MN

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