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Washing machine & washer repair services near me

Speed Queen Washer Repair

We're in your neighborhood, and we'll fix it no matter where you bought it.

Dependable Speed Queen washer repair

Sears Home Services is your best solution for Speed Queen washer repair service. When you choose Sears to repair your washer, you’re getting repair experts who benefit from the repair experience of more than 2,000 fellow technicians across the nation. Sears Home Services shares proven techniques and repair information on common fixes for problems encountered across all types of Speed Queen washers. Collectively, we’ve seen it all. A Sears Tech will rarely encounter a washing machine problem that hasn’t already been fixed and documented by another technician.

Speed Queen washing machine repair issues we can fix

Whether you have a front-load washer or top-load washer, the experts at Sears Home Services can perform Speed Queen washing machine repairs whether your problem is big or small.

A service call involves diagnosing the appliance's malfunction and making repairs quickly. Our repair technicians are experienced in fixing all types of Speed Queen washer problems.

Washing machine shaking or vibrating

Excessive shaking or vibrating could indicate several problems, including a damaged suspension rod, failed shock absorber or worn tub bearing. The shaking could also cause damage to other washer parts such as the door seal or tub seal which could result in leaking.

It’s important to get a vibration problem in your Speed Queen washer fixed quickly to avoid additional problems. Schedule now and our experienced washing machine repair technicians fix the problem and help keep your washer running smoothly.

Washer not draining

If your Speed Queen washer won't drain, it could be caused by a faulty lid/door switch, bad water level control, failed drain pump, or worn drive belt. Have a Sears Home Services repair expert visit your home and fix the problem. Our technicians are experienced in repairing all types of washer drain problems.

Washing machine not spinning

When a Speed Queen washer isn’t spinning, it could have failed parts, such as the lid/door switch, a failed drive motor, worn tub bearing or a frayed or broken belt. Scheduling a repair appointment through Sears Home Services will ensure that your washer gets fixed quickly so you can get back to finishing your laundry.

Not filling with water

If your inlet lines are receiving water and have not become kinked, there could be a clogged inlet screen on one of the hoses. Don’t be tempted to clean the inlet screens yourself. Debris from the screens can get stuck in a water inlet valve and prevent the valve from closing properly – which can cause a flood in your laundry room. Have a Sears Home Services technician fix the washer when it won’t fill.

Other problems that can keep the washer from filling include a faulty water level pressure switch, defective main electronic control board, failed door lock assembly, broken lid switch or a bad electronic temperature control board. Having the problem properly diagnosed by a repair professional will get your washer going again in no time.

Why Sears Home Services is your best choice for Speed Queen washer repair

Reliable service

Sears Technicians follow strict, standard procedures for accurately completing appliance repairs. Instead of guessing what might be wrong with your washer, technicians follow a logical testing sequence to pinpoint the root causes of failures. We fix washing machine problems right so you don’t have to call us back for a follow-up visit.

Easy access to quality parts

Our Sears Home Service technicians enjoy dependable access to Speed Queen replacement parts needed for washer repairs. Our technicians keep common repair parts in their repair vehicle stock so they can often complete washer repairs right away.

Flexible scheduling

Washing machine breakdowns often occur unexpectedly. Sears Home Services provides flexible scheduling online or over the phone, making it easy to quickly set an appointment that's convenient for you, with same-day or next-day service in many locations.

Appointment updates

We know how helpful it is to receive confirmations or changes regarding your appliance service. When you've scheduled a Speed Queen washer repair appointment, you'll receive updates via your preferred method: text, email, or phone.

Speed Queen Washer is quick and easy

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