Snow Blower Tune Up & Maintenance

It’s never too early to prepare for winter. Get your snow blower tune up from us—whether you bought it at Sears or not.

Snow Blower Cleaning & Maintenance includes:

  • Check

    • Check ignition system, carburetor, throttle, and choke controls. Clean engine cooling fins. Change oil.
    • Check manual starter and electric starter if so equipped.
  • Lubricate

    • Lubricate moving parts: pivot points, cables, auger shaft, and drive plate zerk.
    • Lubricate, inspect, and adjust drive belts and/or chains as applicable.
  • Test

    • Test overall operation of equipment and ensure that all safety features are fully operational at the time of service.
    • Replacement parts, repair service, labor for repairs and tax are additional.

Your maintenance is just a phone call away

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