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How Can I Get My Vibrating Washer Repaired?

How Can I Fix My Vibrating Washer Myself?

How Do I Keep My Washer From Developing Vibration Problems?

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Why Is My Washing Machine Vibrating and Shaking?

4 min readUpdated Mar. 08, 2024Eric WoodWasher
Image of a washing machine.

When your washing machine starts vibrating and shaking, it's not just an inconvenience—it's a disruptive event that demands immediate attention. Discover the potential causes behind your washer's erratic behavior and learn how to address the issue effectively, whether through professional repair services or DIY troubleshooting tips. Plus, explore preventive measures to keep your washer operating smoothly and avoid future vibration problems.


  • Do-it-yourself (DIY) tips can sometimes help homeowners identify and potentially fix washer vibration problems themselves.
  • Before attempting any DIY repairs on a vibrating washer, it's important to check the owner's manual for warranty information.
  • To avoid washer vibration issues, scheduling an annual professional cleaning and maintenance service by a Sears technician is recommended.

There's an immediate urgency in your response to the sound of the washing machine banging against the dryer or walking across the laundry room floor. It's a significant emotional event that compels us to drop what we're doing and dash to the laundry room to try to calm the out-of-control machine. Something has to be done—and now!

How Can I Get My Vibrating Washer Repaired?

If you want to have a service technician fix the problem for you, schedule a Sears washer expert to visit your home and repair the washer.

Sears Technicians repair all major brands of washing machines including Kenmore, Whirlpool, LG, Samsung, GE, Maytag and Amana washer. Our factory-trained washer experts can quickly and accurately find the cause of washer vibration problems and can typically repair your washer right away.

Same day or next day repair appointments are available in many areas so you can get your washing machine fixed quickly.

How Can I Fix My Vibrating Washer Myself?

Sears Home Services not only repairs washers when needed, we also offer DIY tips to help you figure out what’s going on and fix the washer vibration yourself when possible.

Follow the DIY repair help tips in this video to help you resolve a vibration problem with your washer.

Although you can sometimes find the cause of a washer vibration problem yourself, it’s not always feasible to fix the problem yourself. Some washers have a longer warranty on the spin basket or other washer parts that could be causing vibration.

Check the owner’s manual for your washer regarding warranty information before buying parts and completing a repair yourself. If failed parts are covered by warranty, follow the instructions in the owner’s manual for getting the washer repaired under the warranty.

Some washer repairs such as replacing bearings or installing a new spin basket may be too complicated for you to attempt on your own. When you’re not completely confident that you can safely and reliably complete a washer repair yourself, schedule a Sears Technician to repair your washing machine.

How Do I Keep My Washer From Developing Vibration Problems?

The best way to keep your washing machine from developing vibration problems is to schedule a professional clean and maintain service by a Sear Technician every year. During the annual washer maintenance and cleaning service the technician will perform the following tasks that will help prevent the washer from vibrating:

  • Level the washer. The Sears Technician will check the levelness of the washer and adjust it if necessary. The tech will also make sure that all leveling feet are firmly planted on the floor and locking nuts are tightened to keep the leveling feet in place as the washer spins.
  • Check the suspension system and spin cycle operation. While banging and vibration during the spin cycle can be caused by an unbalanced load, it can also be caused by tub suspension problems. The technician will test the spin cycle and make sure that suspension components such as shock absorbers and springs are intact and working properly.
  • Test the washer drain system. Excessive vibration or banging during the spin can be caused by clothes being too wet when the drain cycle ends and the spin cycle starts. The technician will check drain pump operation and the complete drain path through your home’s drain system. The tech can clear obstructions and let you know if your house drain needs clearing.

The Sears Technician also checks the drive system, control operation, washer door, water valves and other components in the washer to make sure they operate properly. Keeping your washer in top shape with an annual cleaning and maintenance service won’t just prevent unexpected washer problems such as vibration, it will also help your washer last longer.

Schedule your washer cleaning and maintenance service today and start keeping your washer in top condition to avoid problems.

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