Who Provides the Best Appliance Repair in Puerto Rico?

By Lyle Weischwill | Sep. 07, 2022 5:31 am PST

Image of Puerto Rico for Sears Home Services.

Sears Home Services helped get Puerto Rican’s appliances running again after recent disasters such as Hurricane Maria in 2017 and major earthquakes in 2019. We’ve worked through significant obstacles to help keep your appliances in top shape during the COVID pandemic as well.

Although these were challenging times for Puerto Rico, Sears Appliance Repair Service always came through for you.

Now, more than ever, Sears Home Services in Puerto Rico continues to provide the best appliance repair on the island. Our network of appliance repair experts stand ready to complete any type of appliance repair.

Sears Home Services has Appliance Repair Centers in every metro area of Puerto Rico including: San Juan, Bayamon, Caguas, Carolina, Fajardo, Guayama, Hatillo, Mayaguez and Ponce. Wherever you live in Puerto Rico, we’re there for you.

What Types of Appliances Does Sears Repair?

Our Sears Technicians have access to millions of replacement parts for all types of appliances. This nearly unlimited access to replacement parts gives Sears Techs the ability to repair just about any type of appliance—no matter where you bought it.

Our repair technicians can repair these major appliances:

  • Refrigerators.
  • Stoves.
  • Washers.
  • Dryers.
  • Dishwashers.

We also repair many other types of appliances such as water heaters, freezers and ovens. Whatever appliance you have that breaks down, we’ll likely be able to repair it.

What Brands of Appliances Does Sears Repair in Puerto Rico?

Sears Technicians can repair any major brand of appliance. We have the parts and expertise to fix appliance brands including:

  • Kenmore
  • Whirlpool.
  • Frigidaire.
  • LG.
  • Samsung.
  • GE.

Visit this page to see all the brands that Sears Home Services repairs: All Brands We Repair & Maintain.

What Happens During a Sears Repair Visit?

Your Sears Technician typically calls ahead shortly before your visit to let you know they are on the way to your home.

Once the repairman arrives at your home, they usually completes these steps to repair your broken appliance:

  1. Asks questions about the problems you’re having with your appliance to get a clear understanding of the symptoms that you’re seeing.
  2. Checks the appliance and verifies the failure.
  3. Conducts initial troubleshooting to fix the problem, if possible.
  4. If basic troubleshooting doesn’t fix the problem, performs a thorough diagnosis to determine the exact cause of the failure.
  5. Prepares an estimate of the cost to repair the appliance. The estimate includes parts and labor required to complete the repair.
  6. Reviews the estimate with you, advising you of your options, and gains your approval to complete the repair.
  7. Once you approve the repair, the technician will install parts and fix the appliance if they have the replacement parts needed to complete the repair. If the technician doesn’t have the parts needed in the repair van, they will order parts and schedule a revisit to repair the appliance.
  8. After completing the repair, the Sears Technician will discuss additional products and services that can help you keep your appliances in top shape and enjoy all the benefits of appliances in your home.
  9. The technician will collect payment for the repair and give you the chance to offer Sears feedback on how the repair was completed.

How Do I Schedule a Sears Appliance Repair?

Booking your repair online is the easiest and fastest way to schedule a service appointment. We often have same day or next day appointments available in many areas of Puerto Rico.

You can also call 888-SU-HOGAR (888-784-6427) to schedule a repair appointment in the San Juan area. Phone numbers for our other Puerto Rico Appliance Repair Centers are listed on this Puerto Rico Locations page. Our customer service representatives are standing by at every location to help you get an appliance repair underway.

Trust Sears Home Services with all of your appliance repair needs. We’ll fix your appliances right and provide additional help and services that can keep your appliances in top shape and lasting longer.

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