Who Does the Best Clothes Dryer Repair in Houston, Texas?

By Lyle Weischwill | Aug. 24, 2023 7:05 am PST

When your clothes dryer breaks down in Houston, you’ll want to get it fixed fast—and right. Whether you have a gas dryer or electric clothes dryer, you depend on that appliance to help you quickly get through your laundry chores.

Houston Appliance Repair has expert dryer repair technicians that can quickly and accurately diagnose and fix any gas or electric dryer problem. We have same day and next day repair appointments available in many Houston areas. Our technicians carry an ample stock of common dryer repair parts in their repair vans so we can likely fix your dryer failure in one visit. When the technician doesn’t have the part in the van, Houston Appliance Repair technicians have access to the replacement parts for just about every model of dryer.

Why Choose Houston Appliance Repair to Fix Your Dryer?

Houston Appliance Repair technicians are factory-trained to repair the major brands of dryers including:

  • Kenmore
  • Whirlpool
  • GE
  • Frigidaire
  • LG
  • Samsung
  • Maytag
  • Amana
  • Electrolux
  • Bosch

Some dryer brands and models are more difficult to repair than others. With extensive dryer repair training and experience, no dryer is too complicated for Houston Appliance Repair techs to repair. Our technicians demonstrate the same expertise in dryer failure diagnosis and repair as is shown in this popular DIY repair help video on our Sears PartsDirect YouTube channel.

Take advantage of the technical expertise that is safely used by thousands of DIY appliance repair enthusiasts who have fixed their gas clothes dryers using our Sears Technician’s help.

Whether you have a basic clothes dryer like the one shown in the DIY repair video above or you have a top of the line dryer with WiFi and all the latest features, Houston Appliance Repair can fix your dryer right—guaranteed.

How Can I Keep My Dryer From Breaking Down?

Proper maintenance will keep your dryer working efficiently and will help keep it from breaking down.

In this video, Repair Technician Tom Charland shares some helpful tips on how to maintain your dryer and keep it in proper working order.

To keep your dryer in the best shape and avoid unexpected breakdowns, schedule a Houston Appliance Repair technician to perform an annual dryer maintenance and cleaning. Having your clothes dryer professionally serviced every year won’t just help you avoid costly and unexpected breakdowns, it will also help your dryer last longer.

Your Houston Appliance Repair technician will perform these tasks when cleaning and maintaining your dryer:

  • Check the exhaust system. Clogs of lint and debris in the exhaust vent system causes the dryer to take longer to dry clothes. Clothes inside the dryer can also overheat when the vent system is clogged. The technician will check leaks, kinks and obstructions.
  • Vacuum inside and around the dryer. The technician will vacuum inside the exhaust vent to remove lint and debris. Exhaust vent clogs cause the dryer to overheat and cycles take longer to dry clothes. Lint build-up inside the dryer can cause a fire. The tech vacuums lint and debris from inside the dryer to prevent fires.
  • Inspect the heating system. The technician will check the heating element in an electric dryer or the burner assembly in a gas clothes dryer. The dryer won’t heat efficiently if the burner or element has problems. The technician will check the gas line and connections for leaks. A gas leak can cause a fire.
  • Check the drum, drive system and drum seals. The dryer won’t heat and dry properly if drum seals are worn or damaged. Problems with the drum, drum support rollers, drum belt and drive motor can prevent the drum from rotating to tumble and dry the clothes properly.
  • Examine the moisture sensor. The moisture sensor detects dampness in tumbling clothes inside the dryer. If the moisture sensor is coated with deposits (often caused by dryer sheets), the sensor won’t detect moisture and the dryer will stop while clothes are still damp. The technician will clean the sensor if it’s dirty.
  • Inspect the power cord and electrical connections. Damage to the power cord or wiring in the dryer can trip the house circuit breaker for the dryer. A wiring short can also damage internal dryer components such as the electronic control board.
  • Measure dryer operating temperature. The dryer won’t dry the clothes properly if the burner or control isn’t working properly to heat the air. The tech will measure the temperature of exhaust air to check the heating process.
  • Check the controls. Whether your dryer has a timer or an electronic control board, the technician will check control operation. The dryer won’t dry your clothes properly if the control doesn’t work properly.

Keep your clothes dryer working efficiently, operating safely and lasting longer by having it professionally maintained by our Houston Appliance Repair experts every year.

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