Who Does the Best Appliance Repair in Fresno, CA?

By Lyle Weischwill | Aug. 03, 2022 4:40 am PST

While there are numerous appliance repair companies in Fresno, not all of them can care for your appliances like Sears Appliance Repair. Our Fresno Appliance Repair Center has same day and next day appointments available in many areas. When you need an appliance repair, we can likely get to your home quickly to fix the problem.

Whether you have a refrigerator or a laundry appliance that isn’t working, we can fix it fast—guaranteed. Sears Appliance Repair in Fresno covers all appliance repairs with a 90-day warranty to you know that we’ll fix your appliance right. This limited warranty provides that if within 90 days from the date of your Sears in-home repair your appliance fails to operate for reasons related to the original repair service when used normally in accordance with manufacturer guidelines, we will replace any parts that failed due to defects in the material or workmanship and perform any labor related to the original repair free of charge.

Use Sears Appliance Repair in Fresno to fix your appliances and you’ll have the peace of mind that the work is done right.

Here’s more information about Sears Appliance Repair in Fresno.

How Much Does Appliance Repair Cost?

Most appliance repairs cost between $150 and $400. The exact cost of a repair depends on the type of appliance along with the cost of parts and labor needed to fix the problem. Some appliance repairs that require the replacement of a control panel or electronic control board can cost more than $400.

Here are the typical average price ranges of appliance repairs:

  • Dishwasher $150-$220.
  • Gas Grill $150-$330.
  • Stovetop $190-$250.
  • Washer and Dryer $200-$265.
  • Microwave $200-$250.
  • Fridge $230-$300.
  • Oven $230-$320.
  • HVAC System $350-$900.

Actual maximum or minimum repair costs may be more or less than those in the price ranges shown.

If your product is still under warranty, the repair cost is typically covered by the manufacturer. Some appliance manufacturers cover major functional parts for longer than the parts and labor warranty for the entire product. For example, some refrigerator compressors are covered for 5 years while the rest of the refrigerator is covered by a 1 year warranty. You sometimes have to pay for labor to install a covered part. Check the owner’s manual for your appliance when a failure occurs within the first 5 years that you own the product. Follow the instructions in the owner’s manual to get warranty repair service for your appliance. Sears Appliance Repair in Fresno performs warranty service for Kenmore, Kenmore Elite and Kenmore Pro appliances.

When you choose Sears Appliance Repair of Fresno to fix your appliance, you can expect that your technician will always diagnose your problem and provide you with an estimate up front. You can then decide at that point whether to go forward with the repair.

What Happens During an Appliance Repair Service Visit?

Your Fresno Appliance Repair Technician will typically call you when he’s on the way to your home. He’ll be anxious to get to the appliance and begin fixing the problem, so clear any clutter near the appliance.

Make sure your kids and pets aren’t underfoot or near any potential danger.

A fully-trained Sears technician wearing a uniform and driving a clearly marked truck will show up at your home. Techs carry a computer loaded with technical information about your appliance including the repair parts list. If your appliance failure is particularly tricky, they connect with senior level technicians to solve the problem.

Once the technician figures out what’s wrong with your appliance, he’ll give you an estimate of the parts and labor costs needed to complete the repair. You can decide at that point to either proceed with the appliance repair or pay the technician a diagnostic and trip fee for visiting your home and providing the estimate.

If you decide to have the technician complete the repair, the tech will order repair parts if needed and schedule a time to return and complete the repair. Our Fresno Appliance Repair trucks are stocked with 250 or so of the most commonly needed parts – some of which the tech may have pre-ordered just for you. We strive to have the right part to fix your appliance immediately but some appliance failures do require replacement parts to be ordered before the repair can be completed.

After the technician completes the repair, he’ll offer additional products and services to help keep your appliances in top shape.

Consider having the technician clean and maintain other appliances while he’s in your home. Professional maintenance of your appliances can help prevent costly breakdowns and extend the life of your appliances.

How Can I Keep My Appliances From Breaking Down?

Follow the guidelines in the owner’s manuals for your appliances to prevent damage and excessive wear of components and parts. For example, don’t overload your washing machine or dryer so that motors and bearings last longer.

Perform all cleaning and maintenance tasks recommended in the owner’s manuals for your appliances. Cleaning dust and dirt off the condenser coils of your refrigerator will help prevent compressor problems.

Make sure that you follow all installation guidelines for your appliances. Refrigerators and freezers typically need some clearance around their cabinets for cooling air to properly flow through air vents.

The best way to avoid appliance breakdowns is to have a service professional perform annual maintenance and cleaning service on your appliances. As noted above, having your appliances professional checked and cleaned will help you avoid unexpected appliance failures and your appliances will typically last longer when they’re professionally maintained.

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