Where Can I Get My Refrigerator Repaired in Los Angeles?

By Lyle Weischwill | Sep. 12, 2022 10:55 am PST

Getting your fridge repaired in the Los Angeles area can be challenging. Having it repaired right is an even higher mountain to climb in many situations.

Sears Appliance Repair has dozens of service locations throughout the Los Angeles metro area that can schedule a refrigerator repair. We have same-day and next-day appointments available in many locations.

Why Choose Sears Appliance Repair to Fix Your Fridge?

In addition to having convenient repair appointments available, Sears Appliance Repair has experienced technicians with high-tech resources at their disposal. Here’s advantages that you get when you book a refrigerator repair appointment with Sears Home Services:

  • Factory-trained appliance technicians from Sears Appliance Repair can repair any refrigerator brand—no matter where you bought your fridge.
  • Sears Technician use the latest connected devices and technology to get technical specifications and diagnostic test procedures needed to repair complicated, modern refrigerators.
  • Sears Techs have access to advanced technical knowledge of all Kenmore refrigerators.
  • Sears Appliance Repair in Los Angeles has direct access to just about every refrigerator replacement part needed for any repair, on any brand of fridge.
  • We use OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts for almost every repair. Because they’re the genuine replacement parts made by the manufacturer, OEM parts are more dependable than aftermarket parts.
  • Sears Technicians carry common refrigerator replacement parts in their repair vans so that they can complete many refrigerator repairs right away.
  • All Sears Techs are thoroughly vetted to ensure that your repair experience is safe and successful.
  • Sears guarantees every repair for 90-days.

For generations, Californians have relied on Sears Home Services for their appliance repairs. Sears is the #1 appliance repair service in the country, delivering guaranteed quality and workmanship. Choose the nationwide leader in appliance repair to fix your refrigerator when you encounter a failure.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair a Refrigerator in Los Angeles?

The average refrigerator repair in Los Angeles costs about $250. Actual costs vary widely depending on what needs to be repaired. For example, replacing a water dispenser lever can cost less $200, while compressor replacement typically costs more than $500.

Sears Appliance Repair charges a diagnostic/trip fee to have a technician visit your home and examine the refrigerator. That fee is around $120 but it varies depending on where you live in the Los Angeles metro area. You’ll be able to apply your diagnostic/trip fee to the costs of the refrigerator repair so it doesn’t cost extra when you decide to proceed with the recommended repair work to fix your fridge.

Should I Repair or Replace My Refrigerator?

This question often arises when something serious goes wrong with your refrigerator. For minor repairs such as fixing a broken ice maker, the answer is typically obvious. There’s no need to replace the whole fridge when the ice maker stops working. Of course, you’ll reach the same conclusion when a sealed system failure occurs and the parts are still under warranty even though you’ll need to pay up to several hundred dollars in labor to have the covered parts replaced.

Sometimes, when a major failure occurs that’s not covered by a warranty, you’ll need to decide whether it’s more economical to repair or replace your refrigerator. A general rule of thumb guiding your decision to repair or replace a fridge is to replace the unit if it’s older than half it’s useful life and a replacement refrigerator will cost less than twice as much as the repair. So, the average lifespan of a refrigerator is about 15 years. You can look up the replacement cost of a like model of refrigerator online. When you have a 12 year old fridge with a replacement of $1400 that needs an $800 repair, you’ll typically want to replace that refrigerator.

There are exceptions to this rule of thumb. Given today’s challenging appliance supply chain environment, replacing a refrigerator can take several weeks or even months. Finding a replacement refrigerator that fits in a specific space or matches the other appliances in your kitchen may also be challenging. In these situations, you may need to repair your refrigerator even when it’s older and needs an expensive repair.

When you need a refrigerator repair in the Los Angeles area, trust the pros at Sears Appliance Repair to get the job done. We’ll visit your home and fix your fridge in no time—guaranteed.

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