Where Can I Get My Refrigerator Repaired in Houston?

By Lyle Weischwill | Aug. 04, 2023 8:05 am PST

When you live in Houston, you need your refrigerator—especially in the summer. Hot and humid conditions often drive you toward your refrigerator for cold, refreshing drinks and ice to make the drinks even colder.

When your refrigerator breaks down (or even if the ice maker isn’t working), you’ll want to get the problem fixed fast—like the same day or next day if possible. Houston Appliance Repair often has same day or next day refrigerator repair appointments available in many areas of Houston.

To get an idea of what it takes to repair a refrigerator, take a look at these common failures and how a technician fixes the problem.

Why Won’t My Fridge Cool?

A refrigerator not cooling is one of the top complaints that Houston Appliance Repair Technicians fix.

Although you can sometimes fix a fridge not cooling problem yourself, there’s times when you get to a point when you need to call in a professional.

When you want to troubleshoot a cooling problem in your refrigerator yourself, try these DIY repair tips from our expert technicians:

If you have refrigerator that’s much more complicated than the one shown in that basic troubleshooting video or you get to a point where you know you need a tech to repair the fridge, schedule a repair appointment through our Appliance Repair in Houston. We’ll get an expert refrigerator repair technician to your home to fix your fridge fast. Our techs have the training, equipment and parts needed to fix any type of refrigerator failure. We fix all major brands of refrigerators including Frigidaire, Whirlpool, Samsung, LG, Kenmore and GE.

Why Won’t My Ice Maker Work?

Another top refrigerator failure in the Houston area involves the ice maker not working—and you definitely need ice in this area.

You can find plenty of DIY troubleshooting advice for your ice maker on YouTube, but ice makers have become much more complicated to fix nowadays. For example, check out this advanced technical explanation of the ice maker on a common Frigidaire refrigerator.

Figuring out what’s wrong with that ice maker on your own can be a nightmare. Many ice makers in newer refrigerators are just as complicated as that one. Trust the professionals at Houston Appliance Repair to fix your ice maker when it’s too complicated to find and fix the problem yourself.

Some ice maker problems involve the dispenser instead of the actual ice maker. The ice maker may be making ice but the dispenser on the door of the fridge won’t drop the ice in your glass when you hold it depress the dispensing lever. Fixing an ice dispenser on a modern refrigerator is often complicated because manufactures design dispensers that look sleek and attractive but are often difficult to disassemble.

You’ll often need to pry off parts of the dispenser after removing hidden screws to get to broken dispenser parts. Here’s an example of how to disassemble the dispenser on a common GE refrigerator.

It’s often best to have a Houston Appliance Repair Technician complete a repair on a complicated ice dispenser rather than attempting to fix the problem yourself. Even if you’re able to take apart the dispenser, you’ll need to accurately diagnose the ice dispensing problem to complete the repair yourself. Call in a professional when needed.

Why Won’t My Refrigerator Turn On?

Although less prevalent than other refrigerator failure, a completely dead refrigerator is the most catastrophic failure.

The good news is, it’s a failure that you can often fix on your own.

The main causes of a dead refrigerator involve problems with the power supply going to the fridge rather than a failure with the refrigerator itself. Checking to make sure that the fridge is plugged into a working outlet can often resolve the issue with a dead refrigerator. Resetting the circuit breaker can often restore power to the fridge when it won’t turn on.

When those simple DIY troubleshooting fixes don’t help, you’ll likely need to have a service technician repair the fridge. Don’t hesitate to schedule an Appliance Repair in Houston to fix your refrigerator when your fridge won’t work at all.

Let our Repair Technician Maintain Your Appliances

Houston Appliance Repair Technicians can also help you keep your other appliances in top shape while they’re at your home for a refrigerator repair. Have the technician perform maintenance checks on all your appliances to avoid future problems and keep your products working efficiently. Houston Appliance Repair techs can clean and maintain any brand or type of appliance.

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