Washer Repair Made Easy

By Lyle Weischwill | Dec. 18, 2023 2:18 pm PST

Image of homeowner dealing with a washer failure.

When your washer is down for the count and laundry is piling up, what should you do – call a repair service, fix it yourself or replace the washing machine? You’ll need to make the right decision fast.

Repairing a washer can be an easy task if you approach it systematically.

Troubleshoot First

Basic troubleshooting can often fix many washing machine problems quickly and easily. Spend a few minutes following the steps described in your owner’s manual when something goes wrong.

Here are some examples of basic troubleshooting that can fix common washer problems.

Washer Has No Power

When your washer is completely dead, make sure the power cord is fully plugged into the wall socket. Next, check the house circuit breaker for the wall socket and reset the breaker if it’s tripped. You’d be surprised how often these 2 basic troubleshooting tips fix the washer in a matter of minutes.

If resetting the breaker didn’t fix the problem, check the wall outlet for power. Plug a small lamp or appliance into the wall outlet to see if the outlet works. If the electrical outlet has power, try this one final troubleshooting trick for your washer if it has an electronic control:

Reset the control board in the washer by following these steps:

  1. Unplug the washer to completely disconnect power.
  2. Leave the washer unplugged for 3 minutes to reset the electronic controls in the washer.
  3. Plug the power cord back into the outlet to restore power.

If the control lights up, then a locked up control board prevented the washer from working. The washer may work normally after resetting the control in this manner.

If the control doesn’t light up or your washer doesn’t have an electronic control, then you’ll need to schedule service and have a service technician fix the washer.

Washer Won’t Fill

Basic troubleshooting for a washer that won’t fill begins with checking the water fill faucets behind the washer to make sure they’re fully open. If the faucets are open, check for water coming through the fill hoses by shutting off the faucets, disconnecting the fill hoses from the back of the washer and holding the hose ends over a bucket. Briefly open each water valve to check for flow.

If water flows through the hose ends, check the inlet water screens for deposits or debris that could be blocking water flow to the washer. Have a service technician replace the water valves if you see deposit or debris blocking the inlet screens.

Don’t be tempted to clean the screens yourself because debris from the screens can get into the water valve and keep the water valve from closing fully. This could cause a flood in your laundry room and damage your home.

If the washer is getting water, you’ll likely need to have a service technician fix the fill problem. A bad door/lid switch, failed water valve assembly, bad water level sensor or defective water valve assembly could be keeping the washer from filling.

Image of the washer not draining out water

Washing Machine Won’t Drain

First, check for a kink or clog in the drain hose or a backup in the house drain system for your washer. On a top-load washer, make sure the lid is fully shut because many top loaders won’t drain and spin if the lid is open.

If these basic troubleshooting steps don’t fix the drain problem, you’ll likely need to have the washer repaired by a technician. In a top-load washer, a failed lid switch can keep the washer from advancing to the drain and spin cycle. A failed timer or problem with the drive motor can also prevent a top-load washer from draining and spinning. On a front-load washer, a bad main electronic control board or failed motor control board can prevent the washer from draining and spinning.

Set Up Repair Service

When basic troubleshooting described in the owner’s manual doesn’t help you fix a problem, you’ll typically need to schedule service to repair the washer.

How to Choose the Right Service Provider to Fix Your Washer

Go with a trusted national brand when deciding who to choose for washing machine repair.

Sears Home Services is the only nation-wide provider of appliance repair in America. We have over 2500 technicians across the country and we’re in your neighborhood. Our technicians are highly trained in washer repair and experienced in servicing all major brands including Kenmore, Frigidaire, GE, Samsung, LG and Whirlpool. Sears Technicians average over 10 years of experience in the washer repair field.

Here are additional advantages of choosing Sears Home Services for washer repair:

  • Reliable service. Sears Technicians follow strict, standard procedures for accurately completing appliance repairs. Structured diagnostic techniques used nationwide by Sears provide a logical approach to troubleshooting. Instead of guessing what might be wrong with an appliance, technicians follow a standard testing sequence to pinpoint the root causes of appliance failures. We fix appliance problems right so you don’t have to call us back for a follow-up visit.
  • Efficient work. Proven diagnostic procedures save Sears Technicians time. They can quickly identify problems and determine if the appliance can be fixed right away or if replacement parts are needed. This reduces the time that you’re without your appliance.
  • Cost-effective fixes. Proven and accurate diagnostics reduce the chances of misdiagnosis, leading to unnecessary repairs or part replacements. This saves money because you’re not paying for unneeded parts and repair procedures.
  • Easy access to quality washer replacement parts. Sears Home Services Technicians always use OEM (original equipment manufacturers’) parts when available to fix appliance problems. OEM parts are more dependable, fit properly and last longer than most aftermarket appliance parts. Our technicians carry a wide assortment of common washer parts in their repair vehicle so they can complete many washer repairs during the first visit.

You’ll appreciate seeing a Sears Home Services Technician who can quickly and accurately diagnose and fix washer problems when you set up repair through us. We provide the most reliable washing machine service in the country.

Setting Up Washer Repair Service

Scheduling your washer repair appointment with Sears Home Services is easy. Go to the online service scheduler and enter your information to set up your in-home service. Same-day and next-day repair appointments are available in many areas.

Knowing When To Replace Your Washer Instead of Repairing It

When you have a washer that’s over 10 years old and a repair will likely be expensive (such as replacing a motor), you’ll typically need to replace the washer instead of repairing it.

To seamlessly replace your washer, visit our Sears.com Upgrade page to conveniently select a new washer and get help with special financing.

Image of the Sears upgrade webpage

We’ve consolidated all help, financing offers and savings into one location on our Upgrade page to make it easy for you to replace your appliances now. No hassles and no waiting.

Sears carries a wide selection of washers from top brands like Kenmore, GE, Samsung and LG. Get your new home appliances right away.

Using this systematic approach to washer repair will help you quickly resolve any problem that arises. Sears Home Services is here to help you efficiently manage any type of washing machine failure.

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