Windows Articles & Tips

** Yes, you CAN get efficient, secure windows on a budget. ** Windows provide much more than just a good view. They can enhance the design of a home, help maintain indoor temperatures and help save on your power bill. On the other hand,... Read more .

Make sure these entry points are sealed tight to keep insects, mice and other critters away. If you had a brick-sized hole in your house from which you could see the outdoors, you’d cover it up pretty quickly so you wouldn’t have any unwanted... Read more .

12 tips to prepare your home for all of the four seasons before they arrive. Have you ever had your air conditioner fail on the hottest day of the year? Or your snow blower refuse to fire up during a blizzard? Prevent these scenarios from... Read more .

Need help deciding which windows are right for your home? Here’s what you need to know before you buy. Bad windows can mean bad news—leaks, poor insulation and infestations. You might find that your frames have rotted, that your heat runs nonstop... Read more .

If your energy bills are higher than average, the extra costs might be passing through leaky windows. Nobody wants to spend 30 percent more on energy bills because their windows are like sieves. While the most effective solution is to get energy... Read more .

Whether you’re updating your roof, windows, siding, garage door, cabinets or countertops, our home improvement timeline lets you know what to expect. When it comes to home improvement projects, we all crave instant gratification. That’s usually... Read more .

Make an informed decision when choosing new windows for your home, with these ten tips. From the free consultation, to measuring, to the selection of color and material, and more—when you work with us, you’ll be helped every step of the way. We... Read more .

The materials you choose for your home’s exterior — siding, roofing, windows and doors — have a major impact on their lifespan. No matter where you live, your home endures wear and tear from the elements year-round. Learn the average lifespans of... Read more .

New windows can improve the comfort, energy efficiency and curb appeal of your home. Windows. You might not think about them until there’s a problem — one breaks, or is drafty. But did you know that replacing or upgrading your windows could also... Read more .