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At Sears Home Services in Houston, our mission is to provide you with excellent service each time we visit your home. Our appliance repair technicians do their best to fix your appliances quickly and accurately so you can resume your normal daily... Read more .

Air fryers have been a top gift item for several years now. They often get overlooked as a cooking appliance in the kitchen. Some people are even scared to use it. Whether you’re already using your air fryer or you’re letting it sit in the pantry... Read more .

Many urban neighborhoods have home owners’ associations (HOA’s) that set rules and standards to help maintain the collective property value of the homes in the neighborhood. HOA rules often govern yard and property maintenance to keep the... Read more .

During Women’s History Month, I feel compelled to share my story of success and offer advice to others who will play vital roles in the success of our company and country. The Beginnings I began my career with Sears in 2001 as an e-commerce... Read more .

My Humble Beginning Straight out of high school, I began my career with Sears in January 1996 as a front-line telephone sales representative. A typical day started by running up a long flight of stairs to a punch card to clock in for the day. On... Read more .

When you need to get an appliance repaired fast — as in right now, schedule service on our website and we’ll have our Sears expert at your door as soon as today. Sears has thousands of experienced service technicians throughout the country that... Read more .

Sears Home Services is expanding our appliance repair business and we’re seeking enthusiastic service technicians to join our team this year. Sears Techs enjoy working for an employer that focuses on: Work/life balance. Helping you meet... Read more .

Californians love their smart appliances—especially in Sacramento. Nowadays, you can get a smart version of any of these appliances: Refrigerator. Dishwasher. Stove. Oven. Washer. Dryer. Water Heater. HVAC System. Garage Door... Read more .

5 types of smart devices and personal assistants to create an automated home, explained. Smart devices for your home run the gamut from thermostats and lighting to more complex systems that detect leaking appliances or act as personal assistants... Read more .

What’s hot in home improvement and home design this year depends on where you live. From lighter colored roofing out West and richer colors in the South to beach-inspired design in coastal areas, the varying climates and styles of the United... Read more .