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Common Washing Machine Noises Most washers produce sounds during operation that are considered normal and not indicative of any problems. For instance, a gentle humming or buzzing noise often occurs when the machine’s drive motor and drain pump... Read more .

Shopping for a new oven? You’ve got some big choices to think about: gas vs. electric, freestanding vs. built-in — and how about convection? Our oven buyer’s guide can help. So you’ve finally decided to pull the trigger and get a new oven. With... Read more .

If your house has outdated windows, there’s a good chance you’re wasting energy. In the summer, you’re air conditioning the neighborhood, and in winter, wind whistles in through the window edges. You’ve been putting it off for years, but the time... Read more .

Why does your top-load washing machine not fill up? Watch our video to discover if the problem is your washing machine water valves, a kink in the water hose or some type of clog. Washer Won’t Fill? Try These Troubleshooting Tips Your top-load... Read more .

Is your washer leaking? Here are the top reasons, plus simple tips on how to fix the most common washing machine problems. Got a puddle of water on the floor after doing a load of laundry? Don’t panic. It could be a simple problem that you can... Read more .

Does it feel like your dishwasher takes an eternity just to complete one measly cycle? You’re not alone. Many of us wonder why our dishwasher takes so long to finish washing the dishes. Modern dishwashers often take a long time to complete a... Read more .

Tips and hacks to help extend the life of your dryer, increase safety and make laundry day easier. Most everyone knows to clean out the lint filter every time you use the dryer, but there are several other important things you should do regularly... Read more .

Do you know which dishwasher cycle is best for cleaning your pots and pans or your fancy china? Discover what those different dishwasher settings are and how to get those dirty dishes clean. What is the best cycle to run your dishwasher on? If... Read more .

Are you misusing your dishwasher? Read about the most common dishwasher problems people encounter, along with tips on how to fix them. Some of the most common dishwasher issues repair technicians see are related to how the dishwasher is used. You... Read more .

The main peril caused by overloading your washer is that it won’t last as long as it should. Packing too much laundry into the machine strains the drive parts. Seals and bearings wear out quickly when stained by an extremely heavy load. How long... Read more .