Laundry Articles & Tips

Updated February 2, 2024. Dryer problems can cause loads of frustration. We’ll show you how to troubleshoot your dryer to avoid common problems. Laundry gone wrong can be a headache. And a broken dryer only makes matters worse. If your clothes... Read more .

Updated January 26, 2024. Why does your top-load washing machine not fill up? Watch our video and get DIY troubleshooting tips to discover if the problem is your washing machine water valves, a kink in the water hose or some type of clog. Washer... Read more .

Updated January 26, 2024 Check the basics first. Something as simple as the dryer door not being shut completely can keep your dryer from starting. Here are some additional reasons why your dryer won’t start: The “Control Lock” is enabled on... Read more .

Your washing machine is a reliable household workhorse that manages a substantial portion of daily chores. Spend just a week without it, and the true value of this appliance becomes clearly evident. Considering its continuous activities such as... Read more .

Don’t take your clothes dryer for granted. You depend on your dryer every week to help you easily complete your laundry chores. When it breaks, you and everyone in your household know it. Keep your dryer clean and well-maintained so it doesn’t... Read more .

Updated December 21, 2023. If you’re clueless when it comes to laundry symbols, we’re here to help. Use our infographic to help figure out the best way to wash, dry, iron and bleach your clothes, as well as when to make a trip to the dry... Read more .

The holiday season is a perfect time to reduce your home’s energy usage. This is a time when you typically use every appliance in your home more frequently. Small improvements in energy conservation around the house will add up to big changes in... Read more .

Connected devices can play a significant role in enhancing home management, convenience, safety, and your overall enjoyment during the holiday season. Using your smart phone or tablet, you can monitor and control your entire home. Here are... Read more .

Managing your home during the holidays can be challenging as you go through the busiest time of the year. While planning for celebrations and housing guests, the last thing you need is unexpected problems stealing your joy. Sears Home Services... Read more .

Preparing your home for the holidays doesn’t just involve cleaning and decorating, you’ll also want to have all of your appliances in top shape to handle the extra holiday traffic. Start now to clean and maintain your appliances and heating system... Read more .