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Making a decision on when to replace your appliances should typically be based on factors such as their age, condition and your personal needs. Although age is a key consideration, your home appliances don’t have to be on their last leg before... Read more .

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Appliances today, like many of our electronic devices, use electronic circuit boards to control their operations and functions. Although these circuit boards help us easily monitor and control our appliances, control boards are susceptible to... Read more .

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You fill the dishwasher with dishes and shut the door, but the dishwasher doesn’t start, or it has another problem such as not filling with water or not draining. Because you rely heavily on your dishwasher every day to clean and sanitize your... Read more .

Have you ever tried to peek inside your oven door only to find you can’t see those delicious cookies baking because of the grime covering the oven door glass? That’s because spills sometimes drip down the air vents at the top of the oven door and... Read more .

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Common range hood issues A well-functioning range hood is an essential component of any modern kitchen, effectively whisking away cooking odors, smoke and grease. However, when you find the range hood not working, it can lead to frustration and... Read more .