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Updated December 20, 2023 Regular oven maintenance is essential to ensure optimal performance and longevity of your appliance. Keep the heart of your kitchen happy and healthy with these 5 oven maintenance tips. 1. Clean the Oven... Read more .

The holiday season is a perfect time to reduce your home’s energy usage. This is a time when you typically use every appliance in your home more frequently. Small improvements in energy conservation around the house will add up to big changes in... Read more .

Almost everyone prepares more than enough food for Thanksgiving so we often have plenty of leftovers after the grazing is finally done. These leftovers can be transformed into delicious meals, preventing food waste and providing tasty options for... Read more .

Connected devices can play a significant role in enhancing home management, convenience, safety, and your overall enjoyment during the holiday season. Using your smart phone or tablet, you can monitor and control your entire home. Here are... Read more .

Managing your home during the holidays can be challenging as you go through the busiest time of the year. While planning for celebrations and housing guests, the last thing you need is unexpected problems stealing your joy. Sears Home Services... Read more .

Thorough organization and planning is key to a successful holiday season. Avoid stress during this busy time by getting ready early. We’ve put together an easy-to-follow checklist to help you host like a pro and have plenty of time to enjoy the... Read more .

Preparing your home for the holidays doesn’t just involve cleaning and decorating, you’ll also want to have all of your appliances in top shape to handle the extra holiday traffic. Start now to clean and maintain your appliances and heating system... Read more .

Your kitchen will be a main hub of activity during the holidays. Preparing your kitchen appliances for the holidays is essential to ensure a smooth and stress-free season. Follow this advice to prepare your kitchen appliances for the upcoming... Read more .

Updated November 5, 2023. For over 100 years, Sears Home Services has been a trusted provider of high-quality home repair services, including appliance repair in the Houston area. Our vast experience repairing all kinds of household appliances... Read more .

Updated November 3, 2023. Your fridge is the workhorse of the kitchen, running 24/7, 365 days a year. You might be on vacation or sleeping, but it’s still working. So if something goes wrong with your fridge or freezer, it can be alarming and... Read more .