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As a homeowner, it’s crucial to understand the role that home maintenance plays in your insurance coverage. Regular home maintenance can prevent potential damages, ensuring that your insurance policy fully covers you when you need it. Moreover,... Read more .

Updated February 19, 2024. When summer comes along, you need your central AC unit to run without a hitch, and even the best air conditioners can run into issues with time. Is your AC not working? Don’t worry. The heating, ventilation, and air... Read more .

Revised January 22, 2024 Maintain your home, one month at a time. New Year’s resolutions aren’t just for getting fit and eating better. This year, make a few resolutions for your home, too. Each month, resolve to complete one small home... Read more .

Updated January 3, 2024 How long does your HVAC warranty last? What’s not included in your warranty terms? Make sure you’re covered. When you’re shopping for a heating or cooling system for your home, don’t forget to research warranties. An HVAC... Read more .

Creating an effective home maintenance plan is a great way to efficiently manage your home and ensure that everything remains in good condition throughout the year. It will also help ensure that potential issues are addressed as they emerge and... Read more .

The holiday season is a perfect time to reduce your home’s energy usage. This is a time when you typically use every appliance in your home more frequently. Small improvements in energy conservation around the house will add up to big changes in... Read more .

Managing your home during the holidays can be challenging as you go through the busiest time of the year. While planning for celebrations and housing guests, the last thing you need is unexpected problems stealing your joy. Sears Home Services... Read more .

For those who travel during the holidays, preparing your home for your absence will help you enjoy your trip worry-free. Keep your house and everything in it safe from potential damage, freezing, flooding and theft by following these helpful... Read more .

The last thing you need during the holidays is heating system problems. With a house full of family and guests, you’ll want your furnace working perfectly to keep everyone comfortable. Having your furnace professionally tuned up this fall is one... Read more .

Sears Home Services provides premier HVAC repair service in Houston, Texas. When your heating and cooling system stops working, you’ll want to get it fixed fast by the best repair pros in the business. Why Sears Home Services is the Best HVAC... Read more .