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Revised February 19, 2024 When your ice maker isn’t working, a simple fix might get it going again. Always unplug your refrigerator and turn the water supply line off before troubleshooting. An ice maker can stop working for a variety of... Read more .

Have you been hearing strange noises from your refrigerator? It could be a sign that your trusty appliance needs some attention. This guide will walk you through the steps of how to fix a noisy refrigerator. We will discuss the common reasons for... Read more .

Figuring out why the tray inside your microwave won’t spin isn’t always easy. Sure, it could be that someone messed with the settings and turned the rotation off. If you check the settings and that’s not the issue, then one of these problems... Read more .

Simple solutions are always good, especially when you’re getting rid of odors in your laundry room – which are almost always caused by a smelly washer. When you tire of wrinkling your nose at that rancid smell wafting out of your laundry space,... Read more .

Updated January 26, 2024 Check the basics first. Something as simple as the dryer door not being shut completely can keep your dryer from starting. Here are some additional reasons why your dryer won’t start: The “Control Lock” is enabled on... Read more .

Bent or damaged door hinges are the number one cause of your oven door not closing all the way. Oven door hinges often get damaged by leaning or putting excessive weight down on the oven door when it’s fully open. For self-cleaning ovens, a... Read more .

Few things in your home are more annoying than a dishwasher that sounds like a jet airplane revving up in your kitchen. If you’re facing this type of noisy dishwasher problem right now, you know what I mean. You’re under intense pressure to get it... Read more .

Replacing a stove surface burner is a simple DIY repair that most people can complete when your range has coil surface elements. Replacing a burnt out element under a ceramic glass top on your stove is a much more complicated repair that will... Read more .

Common causes for a refrigerator not cooling include dirty condenser coils, dirty or damaged door gaskets, blocked internal air vents, improper installation and failed internal components. Finding the cause of a cooling problem is essential to... Read more .

Updated on December 19, 2023 Make sure your snow blower or snowthrower is maintained and ready to blow. Schedule Snowblower Maintenance You don’t want to “blow it” when the time comes to break out your snow blower. Plan ahead: Don’t wait until... Read more .