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In an article at The Penny Hoarder, Chris Granger, president of Sears Home Services, shares tips on how to conserve energy at home and save on your utility bills during the cool autumn months. Read the full story at The Penny Hoarder. Read more .

In an article at The Washington Post, you can find out some helpful hints to determine if you should fix your appliance, or purchase a new one. Read the full story at Washington Post. Read more . interviews Tim Adkisson, director of product engineering for Sears Home Services, and asks him for the telltale signs of when it’s time to replace an appliance–or when it’s better to repair the one you’ve got. Considerations include... Read more .

In an article at Discover, you can find the correct questions to ask to assess whether you should fix your appliance, or purchase a new one. Sample questions include: How much will the repair cost? And how long should your appliance last? (Hint:... Read more .

Tips and tricks for cleaning even your dirtiest clothes using cold water. Dirty clothes only really get clean in warm or hot water, right? Wrong! That myth is all washed up. Technological advances made in both washing machines and detergents... Read more .

Prioritize your home improvement wish list with the help of these remodeling costs and upgrade your home with fresh, new designs. Whether you’re planning a full-on renovation, or there’s a minor home remodel in your future, it’s important to know... Read more .

If you’re looking for a new washer or fridge, certain months tend to have the best deals. Heck, some weeks of the month are better than others. A little research could save you a lot of money. New appliances are major purchases, and if you’re... Read more .

Out with the cold! Go green and keep the drafts out and the warm air inside your home with these simple energy-saving solutions. As fun as the holiday season is, it also brings with it unwelcomed guests — and we aren’t talking about your in-laws.... Read more .

Nothing is more critical to stabilizing the climate and comfort of your home than its heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. Imagine not having the heat working properly when you turn it on in the middle of January to keep your... Read more .

With warm weather on the way, these simple tips will help make sure your air conditioner is in working order. Summer is coming, which means it’ll soon be time to crank up the air conditioner. But is your AC ready to work hard keeping you cool for... Read more .