Disaster Recovery Articles & Tips

Preparing for power outages during winter is essential to ensure the comfort, safety and well-being of yourself and your family. Winter storms, heavy snowfall, and icy conditions can lead to downed power lines and outages. No matter where you... Read more .

Preparing your home for the holidays doesn’t just involve cleaning and decorating, you’ll also want to have all of your appliances in top shape to handle the extra holiday traffic. Start now to clean and maintain your appliances and heating system... Read more .

Updated November 7, 2023. No matter where you live, you’re always at risk for loss of electrical power. Due to severe thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, wild fires, heat waves, extremely cold weather and other factors, homeowner’s faced an... Read more .

Appliances today, like many of our electronic devices, use electronic circuit boards to control their operations and functions. Although these circuit boards help us easily monitor and control our appliances, control boards are susceptible to... Read more .

The heat wave of 2023 has been brutal and devastating to many Americans. Temperatures above 100 degrees plague much of the country. These practical tips will help you survive in the short term and thrive over time as we seemingly acclimate to a... Read more .

Our helpful infographic lets you — and your wallet — know what you should expect to pay when your appliances need fixing. The costs of appliance repairs can vary significantly due to a wide variety of repair types and brands. These price ranges... Read more .

Climate change has led to an increase in extreme weather events such as hurricanes, storms, and heat waves. These events can damage power infrastructure, including power lines and poles, resulting in widespread power outages. Of course, power... Read more .

Window cleaning doesn’t have to be a tedious task. Make it fun and efficient with these window-cleaning hacks. A smudge, fingerprint or dirt spot on your home’s windows can disrupt a beautiful view. But if you’re like most people, cleaning those... Read more .

Rolling blackouts occur when electrical grid operators temporarily cut power to some areas when power demand exceeds electrical supply due to extreme weather conditions or other factors. These rolling blackouts are inevitable in some regions of... Read more .

When your home loses its primary source of electrical power due to a utility company power outage, a whole house backup generator kicks in to supply your home with electricity. Here’s how it works. Fuel Supply The backup generator needs a fuel... Read more .