Air Conditioner Articles & Tips

Updated February 19, 2024. When summer comes along, you need your central AC unit to run without a hitch, and even the best air conditioners can run into issues with time. Is your AC not working? Don’t worry. The heating, ventilation, and air... Read more .

Updated on October 19, 2023. A central AC system (known in the biz as a split-system AC) is a lifesaver when summer goes from lovely to broiling. But how does a central air conditioning system work, exactly? Knowing how your AC system operates... Read more .

Learn when it’s time to replace your HVAC system and what to know before you buy. Fall has arrived and the livin’ is easy — except if it’s too cold because your furnace isn’t working as it should. Before the real cold hits, it’s a good idea to... Read more .

Your central air conditioner system should keep you cool during hot summer weather in Houston—without a big utility bill. Houston Appliance Repair can make sure the temperature inside your home stays cool. We offer AC repair, installation and... Read more .

As soon as you notice a problem with your air conditioner such as warm air coming from the vents or the unit not running at all, take steps to restore cooling. That first step doesn’t have to be calling an air conditioning repair technician, if... Read more .

With one of the hottest summers ever lingering upon us, it’s time to talk about how you can save energy when using your air conditioner. Improving the efficiency of your AC unit can save tons of energy and lower your energy bills. Here are some... Read more .

When it comes to comfort in your home, few systems are more important than your central air conditioner. This system removes excess heat and humidity from your home, keeping the air purer and the space more pleasant. Homeowners spend $11 billion... Read more .

The heat wave of 2023 has been brutal and devastating to many Americans. Temperatures above 100 degrees plague much of the country. These practical tips will help you survive in the short term and thrive over time as we seemingly acclimate to a... Read more .

When shopping for air conditioner air filters, you’ll find dozens of choices available. In addition to seeing different brands, you’ll also notice a wide variety of air filter ratings. Three major rating systems exist for AC air filters. MERV... Read more .

Getting your furnace or air conditioner repaired in the Fresno area can be a challenge. Finding an HVAC service provider that you can trust is essential when your central air or furnace unit breaks down. Fresno Heating and Air Conditioning has... Read more .