Top 5 Washer Problems and Solutions

By Terry Mehilos | Apr. 19, 2017 6:49 am PST

Kenmore Washer and Dryer

Solve your biggest washing machine problems with these hints and tips.

Does your washing machine stop mid-cycle? Is it making strange sounds or vibrations? These are just a couple of the most common washer problems that Sears’ extensive network of technicians solve on a daily basis. In fact, Sears repaired almost 1.4 million washing machines in 2016!

If your washer’s on the fritz, one of these most common washing machine problems could be the culprit.

Problem #1: Washer is making strange sounds or vibrations.

Likely Culprit: The tub bearings may have been water damaged as a result of a bad seal and might need to be replaced.

Problem #2: Washer won’t run or stops mid-cycle.

Likely Culprit: The door or lid switch might need to be replaced if it is damaged. It can wear out over time or break if something gets caught on it.

Problem #3: Water won’t drain.

Likely Culprit: The drain pump may need to be replaced. It can wear out over time, or it can get damaged when hard objects left in clothing bang around in a wash cycle. Check the drain hose connection to the drain pipe to be sure.

Problem #4: Water isn’t pumping out during the spin cycle.

Likely Culprit: You might have to replace the drain pump. It might simply be old or have gotten damaged because something was left in an item of clothing during a wash cycle. Check the drain hose connection to the drain pipe to be sure.

Problem #5: The basket is slow or won’t spin.

Likely Culprit: If you also hear a rattling sound from the base of the washer, the motor coupler might need to be replaced. Overloading the washer on a regular basis will shorten the coupler’s life.

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