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Table of Contents

Banishing Wrinkles with Ice

Adding Fluff with Tennis Balls

Reducing Static Cling with Aluminum Foil

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These 3 Dryer Life Hacks Will Change How You Do Laundry

3 min readUpdated Mar. 28, 2024Lyle WeischwillDryer
Life hacks for your dryer

Using some common household items, we’ll show you some surprising ways to prevent wrinkles and static cling in clothes coming out of your dryer. We also have a hack for fluffing up blankets and towels. Use these tips to make your laundry chores easier.


  • With the help of a few household items, your dryer could de-wrinkle your clothes, make blankets fluffier and eliminate static cling.
  • Add a few ice cubes to a light load to remove wrinkles.
  • Toss a few new tennis balls towels, blankets, pillows or coats to add fluffiness to the items being dried.

Simple, surprising ways to get rid of wrinkles and static cling. Plus: how to fluff up your blankets and towels!

Transforming your laundry routine doesn't have to involve a collection of expensive products or complicated procedures. Sometimes, the most straightforward solutions can yield surprisingly effective results, utilizing items you likely already have around your house. Let's dive deeper into these ingenious hacks that promise to elevate your laundry experience, making it smoother and more efficient.

dryer hacks

Banishing Wrinkles with Ice

The sight of wrinkled clothes can dampen the spirit of any well-planned outfit. However, there's a remarkably simple fix hiding in your freezer: ice cubes.

How It Works:
As the ice cubes melt in the dryer, they create steam. This steam, in turn, works its magic on the clothes, gently easing out wrinkles without the need for an iron.

Steps to Follow:

  1. Heat: Set your dryer to its highest heat setting. The heat plays a crucial role in converting ice to steam.
  2. Load: Place a light load of wrinkled clothes into the dryer. A heavy load might not allow for enough movement and steam distribution.
  3. Ice: Add a handful of ice cubes (3-5 should suffice for a small load).
  4. Time: Run the dryer for at least 10 minutes. Depending on the fabric and wrinkle severity, you might adjust this time.

Adding Fluff with Tennis Balls

Flat towels and limp pillows no longer have to be your laundry's end story. Tennis balls, a common household item, can reintroduce that desired fluffiness to your items.

How It Works:
The tennis balls bounce around during the dryer cycle, fluffing up the contents through their gentle but persistent beating action.

Steps to Follow:

  1. Selection: Choose clean, new tennis balls to avoid transferring any color or dirt to your laundry.
  2. Add: Place 2-3 tennis balls in the dryer with your towels, pillows, blankets, or fluffy coats.
  3. Cycle: Run your dryer as you normally would. The tennis balls do their work without any additional settings needed.

Reducing Static Cling with Aluminum Foil

Static cling can be a nuisance, especially in dryer climates or during the winter months. An unlikely hero in this scenario is aluminum foil, a staple in most kitchens.

How It Works:
Aluminum foil balls can mimic the effect of commercial dryer sheets, neutralizing the electric charge that causes static cling without the added chemicals.

Steps to Follow:

  1. Form: Tightly roll aluminum foil into balls, approximately 2-3 inches in diameter. You'll need about 3 balls for an average load.
  2. Use: Toss these foil balls into the dryer with your clean, wet clothes.
  3. Benefit: Enjoy a reduction in static cling, making your clothes easier to handle and wear.

These simple yet effective laundry hacks not only make your life easier but also introduce a sustainable angle to your routine, minimizing the need for disposable products. Try incorporating these tips into your next laundry day and observe the difference they make in the appearance and feel of your clothes and linens. Remember, sometimes the best solutions are the simplest ones, hiding in plain sight within our homes.

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