Spotlight on Ryan Corbin – Military Talent Advisor

By Lyle Weischwill | Dec. 13, 2022 10:59 am PST

From his Air Force career to helping veterans find a home at Sears – learn about the amazing journey of Ryan Corbin

For 20 years, Ryan Corbin dedicated his life to preserving our freedoms as a proud member of the United States Air Force. Any veteran who serves that long in the military knows the tremendous challenges that Ryan faced during his military career.

During Ryan’s two-decade career in the U.S. Air Force, he served as:

  • Acquisitions Specialist
  • Front-Line Supervisor
  • Forman of HVAC/Refrigeration
  • Regional Manager

The leadership skills that Ryan developed in the Air Force are extremely valuable for civilian business. Before joining Sears, Ryan was already adept in these core business competencies:

  • Talent Management
  • Policy Implementation
  • Candidate Recruitment
  • Large scale leadership
  • Office Administration
  • Project Development
  • Customer Relations
  • Business Communication
  • Training & Development
  • Planning / Coordination
  • Leadership / Management

Image of Ryan Corbin in the Air Force

Ryan’s Career with Sears

Given these extensive talents, adding Ryan to our team at Sears Home Services was an easy choice.

One month after hanging up his uniform, Ryan joined Sears Home Services as our dedicated Military Talent Advisor.

During his short tenure with Sears, Ryan has already developed a comprehensive strategy to harness relationships with military veteran transition organizations such as:

Along with Ryan, these organizations conduct live and virtual military career events to assist veterans in transitioning back into civilian life.

Ryan’s work as Military Talent Advisor is more than just a job, it’s his passionate mission to help others who have served in our military.

“Work is a large part of your life, that’s why I choose to work at Sears Home Services. Our core values align with everything the military taught me. Most of all they value all my military experience and the leadership talents I bring to the table” Ryan explains when speaking about his decision to work for Sears.

Challenges of Transitioning from Military to Civilian Work

Ryan understands the challenges he faced when looking at the next phases in his personal and professional journey.

Choosing the right employer with the values that embody those taught in the military was and important piece of Ryan’s research and company selection. He knew he couldn’t transition to civilian work on his own, because he was accustomed to the military culture where you support one another. Ryan found a supportive cast of teammates at Sears Home Services.

Image of quote about transition from the Air Force to civilian work

Building On the Sears Culture

Ryan was raised to put 100% effort into his learning, development, military service and professional career.

Earning Associates of Applied Science degrees in Human Resource Management and HVAC Electrical and Mechanical Systems from Community College of the Air Force, Ryan understands the value of higher education in business.

Using his education and strong cultural beliefs, Ryan has established himself as a talent leader and innovator of change management at Sears Home Services. He brings his military experience, extensive skill and strong work ethic to Sears to help drive our success.

Seeing the Sears world through the eyes of a veteran, Ryan easily helps fellow veterans joining Sears to transition into civilian work and process the many challenging obstacles that all veterans face. Tapping into his own transition experience helps Ryan guide many veterans at Sears to success. Everybody wins with Ryan on board as our Military Talent Advisor.

Military veterans throughout our businesses help us continue to build our culture of success at Sears. We all benefit from the experience and commitment of our veterans.

We’re proud of Ryan’s early success with Sears Home Services and we look forward to building our successful Sears culture together with him and many more veterans in the years to come.

Thank you Ryan for your valuable military service and for all you do at Sears.

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