Sears Technical Institute Previews Training for GE Profile Top-Load Washers

By Lyle Weischwill | Jul. 21, 2022 6:41 am PST

Sears Home Services has a nationwide network of factory-trained washer repair technicians. Our washing machine technicians receive specialized training on all types of washers.

The following video previews advanced technical training that Sears Techs receive for the GE Profile top-load washer model WPRE.

Note: This video is an example of advanced technical training for service technicians who are thoroughly trained in appliance service safety procedures.

Do not attempt any live voltage checks described in the video.

Conducting live voltage checks can result in serious bodily injury if not performed properly.

The video is intended only for illustration purposes to describe advanced technical training provided to Sears Technicians in the Sears Technical Institute.

If you’re interested in becoming a Sears Technician, apply now on our Sears Home Services Hiring Website

Highlights of the GE Profile Top-Load Washing Machine WPRE Video

The GE Profile WPRE washing machine is much different than other top-load washers. The drive motor has an inverter control board attached directly on top of the motor casing. An LED light on the inverter board shows the status of the drive system and signals error codes when failures occur. Servicing this washer requires advanced technical training.

Specialized training shown in the video provides technical details regarding these topics:

  • Description of the drive system.
  • Using the Field Service Mode.
  • Motor error codes.
  • Clearing motor error codes.
  • Installing the drive belt.
  • Location of the fuse.
  • Tips on troubleshooting the washer.

How Does The GE Profile WPRE Washer Drive System Differ from Drive Systems in Other Washers?

The motor and inverter motor control board are integrated into one assembly on the GE Profile WPRE top-load washer. The inverter board converts AC current to DC current to spin the drive motor. The video explains how the motor and mode shifter assembly control agitator and spin basket motion. Showing and explaining how this drive system works helps Sears Technicians diagnose and repair spin and agitation problems in the washer.

How Does a Sears Technician Use the Field Service Mode to Diagnose Washer Failures?

The Field Service Mode on the GE Profile WPRE washer allows the Sears Service Technician to test components and see error codes that indicate a problem with a component. The video describes how the technician can test all parts in the washer by turning on the various components one at a time. Error codes will indicate if a component is bad when it’s being tested in the Field Service Mode. Sears Techs are trained to use the Field Service Mode to accurately detect and fix washer failures.

Troubleshooting Tips GE Profile Washer WPRE

The video shows how to determine when the inline fuse is blown and how to check all drive system components. Because of the danger of electrical shock, don’t attempt these live voltage checks yourself unless you are a fully trained appliance service technician with the proper safety equipment.

Sears Technicians that receive this type of training can quickly and easily diagnose and fix a GE Profile WPRE washer. Sears Techs receive similar training for other types of washers as well as other appliances such as dryers, refrigerators, ranges dishwasher and more.

How Can I Become a Sears Technician?

If you’re interested in becoming a Sears Tech, explore the positions we have available on our Sears Home Services Career Website. In addition to the top-notch technical training shown in the video, you’ll also have the opportunity be part of a highly skilled and respected team of Appliance Repair professionals with a rich history of making people’s lives better. Sears Home Services is growing we’re committed to recruiting the best people to join our team.

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