Sears Can Help You Manage Your Home During the Holidays

By Lyle Weischwill | Nov. 16, 2023 2:57 pm PST

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Managing your home during the holidays can be challenging as you go through the busiest time of the year. While planning for celebrations and housing guests, the last thing you need is unexpected problems stealing your joy.

Sears Home Services can help you prepare your home and appliances to avoid breakdowns and problems that often occur at the worst times. Also, we can help you improve your home for better comfort and organization.

Maintain Your Heating System and Appliances

Don’t skip that fall heating system tune-up or professional appliance maintenance just because you sense that everything is fine. Here’s how Sears Home Services can help prevent problems with your furnace and appliances during the holiday season.

Getting Your Heating System Tuned-Up Prevents Unexpected Failures

During a tune-up, your Sears Technician will inspect the components of your heating system, such as the thermostat, blower motor and wiring, for signs of wear and tear. By catching small issues early on, the tech can correct them before they escalate into major problems. This proactive approach helps prevent unexpected breakdowns that could leave you without heat during the holidays.

Over time, heating systems can become less efficient due to factors like dirty filters, clogged burners, or worn-out components. During a tune-up, technicians clean and optimize these elements, ensuring that your heating system operates at its best efficiency. An efficient system is less likely to overheat or experience malfunctions, reducing the risk of unexpected breakdowns. Yearly heating system tune-ups contribute to extending the lifespan of your unit. When components are clean, lubricated, and properly adjusted every year, they experience less stress and wear. This, in turn, reduces the likelihood of sudden failures or breakdowns. Investing in yearly preventive maintenance can save you money in the long run by delaying the need for costly repairs or premature system replacement.

Schedule your heating system tune-up today.

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Keep Appliances in Top Shape With Yearly Professional Maintenance

Annual preventive maintenance helps you manage appliance performance in the same way as heating system maintenance. It plays a crucial role in optimizing appliance performance and ensuring their efficient functioning over time.

Here are several ways in which regular professional maintenance contributes to the overall well-being of appliances:

  • Energy efficiency. Appliances tend to become less energy-efficient as they age and accumulate dust or debris. Regular cleaning and maintenance help ensure that appliances operate at peak efficiency, reducing energy consumption and associated costs.
  • Less breakdowns. Addressing small issues during regular maintenance is often more cost-effective than dealing with major repairs or having to replace the entire appliance. Well-maintained appliances are less likely to break down, reducing the need for urgent repairs during the holidays.
  • Improved safety. Some appliances, especially those using heating elements or gas, pose safety risks if not properly maintained. Regular checks can identify potential safety hazards and prevent accidents.

Regular preventive maintenance is a proactive approach to appliance care that not only enhances their reliable performance but also saves you money on energy bills. You’ll have more to spend on gifts and celebrations for the holidays.

Schedule your home appliance cleaning and maintenance checks now.

Improve Your Home for Better Comfort, Convenience and Safety

Sears Home Services can help you make improvements in your home for safety and comfort during the holidays and beyond. Consider making theses upgrades this season.

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Install a Whole-Home Backup Generator

Almost nothing could be more devastating to your home than a power outage during the holidays. Preparing for power outages during winter is essential to ensure the comfort, safety and well-being of yourself and your family. Winter storms, heavy snowfall, and icy conditions can lead to downed power lines and outages. No matter where you live, you’re always at risk for loss of electrical power.

Sears can help you take charge of managing your home’s power supply by installing a whole-house backup generator.

One of the best advantages of a whole-house backup generator is that you’ll be able to continue heating your home during a power outage. Also, avoid food spoilage and health problems by keeping your refrigerator running using a whole-home back-up generator.

Prepare now for potential power outages by scheduling a free in-home consultation with a home generator expert. We’ll examine your home’s power needs and provide back-up power supply solutions that will fit your budget.

Upgrade to Smart Appliances

Working a demanding job and running a busy household during the holidays comes with a host of challenges that can be tricky to navigate. To help make your home run smoother, tap into the time-saving and organizational advantages of smart appliances.

Smart appliances can significantly lighten your home management load by offering convenience, energy efficiency, and automation in various aspects of your daily life.

Here are specific ways that smart appliances can make even the busiest holidays easier to manage.

  • Free up time and mental space. Let’s face it, as a working homeowner, your hands are always full and you’re generally on the go during the holidays. Which is why upgrading to smart appliances can save you a ton of time and free up brain space. Simply link your smart appliances with the app by connecting to your in-home WiFi, downloading the app (available to both iPhone and Android users), and linking it to your smart appliances. Once you’re linked up, you can use voice commands to ask Alexa how much time is left on your wash cycle, tell her to turn down the temperature on the air conditioner, or even ask her to start the dryer.
  • Control your household remotely. Whether you’re in the stands watching your daughter’s ball game or taking a quick break from that expense report, you’re able to keep your house running from afar. Take the laundry, for example. You can start or pause your wash, choose the cycle, monitor the remaining time and receive alerts when the load is finished — right from your phone. When you do finally make it home, your clothes won’t be musty or wrinkled, and you won’t need to re-run the cycle. Remotely use the Stay Fresh option on your washer, which periodically tumbles the wash load to keep clothes smelling great and unwrinkled until you actually have the time to get to them.
  • Spend less time shopping. Finding extra time to get to the store, especially during the holidays, can feel like the ultimate feat. With smart appliances, you can worry a little bit less about making it to the store. With Amazon Dash Replenishment, your connected smart appliances monitor the product levels in the connected devices and automatically reorders them before you even know you’re almost out. It’s like a real-life mind-reading machine.
  • Have an extra set of eyes and ears. Your kids are obviously valued members of your household, however, until they contribute to paying utilities, what you say goes. Especially when it comes to your appliances. Worried about the little ones cranking the thermostat or monkeying around with the fridge? Fear not. The smart appliances have your back, even when you’re not there. You’ll have the peace of mind that you’re always covered. If there are any changes in the fridge (like rising temps), or the door is left open, you’ll be alerted on your smart phone. Being able to regulate your fridge’s temperature remotely helps food stay fresher longer, which means less food wasted and fewer trips to the store — a money and time saver.

Less time keeping up with household chores means more time spent on what really matters, like holiday activities.

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Upgrade to new smart appliances to take advantage of these time-saving home management tactics. Sears has the latest appliance models from top manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, Whirlpool, Electrolux, Maytag, KitchenAid, GE, Kenmore and Frigidaire.

Our Upgrade site has special discounts on smart appliance bundles. You can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on appliance packages. Holiday savings start early at Sears.

We’ve consolidated all help, financing offers and savings into one location on our Sears Upgrade page to make it easy for you to replace your appliances now. No hassles and no waiting. Check out Quick Delivery options from top brands and get replacements installed in a matter of days.

Efficient and durable smart home appliances will help make your holidays more enjoyable. You’ll have the peace of mind that your entire home will run smoothly all season long.

Replace Your Windows

Don’t keep tolerating drafty windows. Give yourself the gift of new windows this holiday season. Replacing windows can improve the comfort and energy-efficiency of your home.

Set up a free consultation with a Sears window expert. We’ll visit your home and thoroughly explain window replacement options available for your house.

Sears Home Services wants to help you manage all aspects of your home during the holidays. We’ll help you with the maintenance, repairs and upgrades you need to stay organized, comfortable and safe during the holidays.

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