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Knowing how to read and use an appliance’s wiring diagram helps make sure you buy the right part to complete DIY repairs when something goes wrong with the appliance. Reading a wiring diagram can feel overwhelming—like a foreign language. But you... Read more .

Discussions of whether a gas stove is dangerous have been ignited across the country after U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commissioner Richard Trumpka, Jr. commented to Bloomberg News on January 9, 2023 that emissions from gas stoves are a “hidden... Read more .

When you need to get an appliance repaired fast — as in right now, schedule service on our website and we’ll have our Sears expert at your door as soon as today. Sears has thousands of experienced service technicians throughout the country that... Read more .

This was a historic year for home energy conservation and carbon emission reduction in the United States. On August 16, 2022 President Joe Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) that provides unprecedented home energy rebates to help low-... Read more .

This may sound like a weird question unless you’re aware of the HVAC “electrification” provisions in the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). Beginning in 2023, the IRA will provide generous rebates to low- and moderate-income households for... Read more .

Sears Home Services, which is part of the Transformco family of businesses, consists of: In-home appliance and product repair. Home warranty business. Home improvement services. Sears PartsDirect appliance and product parts... Read more .

From his Air Force career to helping veterans find a home at Sears – learn about the amazing journey of Ryan Corbin For 20 years, Ryan Corbin dedicated his life to preserving our freedoms as a proud member of the United States Air Force. Any... Read more .

No matter where you live, you’re always at risk for loss of electrical power. Due to severe thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, wild fires, heat waves, extremely cold weather and other factors, homeowner’s faced an average of 8 hours of outages... Read more .

Sears Home Services is expanding our appliance repair business and we’re seeking enthusiastic service technicians to join our team this year. Sears Techs enjoy working for an employer that focuses on: Work/life balance. Helping you meet... Read more .

Changes are coming to the HVAC industry in 2023 that can influence decisions you make about your heating and cooling system. You may need to act now to get the best value and timeliest solution before the new government guidelines are in... Read more .

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