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Updated January 29, 2024. Sears Home Services has been in business for more than 30 years and continues to “wow” customers with outstanding home improvements and repair services. Our professional, experienced consultants, coordinators and repair... Read more .

Updated January 26, 2024. Why does your top-load washing machine not fill up? Watch our video and get DIY troubleshooting tips to discover if the problem is your washing machine water valves, a kink in the water hose or some type of clog. Washer... Read more .

Don’t panic when you see water leaking from your dishwasher – take action. Acting immediately can help you resolve the problem and prevent damage to counters and flooring. In case the leak is caused by the water supply hose, you should shut off... Read more .

Updated January 26, 2024 Check the basics first. Something as simple as the dryer door not being shut completely can keep your dryer from starting. Here are some additional reasons why your dryer won’t start: The “Control Lock” is enabled on... Read more .