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As a homeowner, investing in an appliance maintenance plan can save you a significant amount of money, time, and stress over time. These plans are designed to prolong the lifespan of your appliances, ensuring they operate smoothly and efficiently,... Read more .

Have you been hearing strange noises from your refrigerator? It could be a sign that your trusty appliance needs some attention. This guide will walk you through the steps of how to fix a noisy refrigerator. We will discuss the common reasons for... Read more .

Is your dryer refusing to stay on? It’s not only a nuisance but can throw a wrench in your laundry routine. A variety of reasons could be at play when your dryer won’t maintain operation, but the good news is, there are ways to troubleshoot and... Read more .

Are you struggling with a problematic dishwasher? It might be time to think about a replacement. We’ll guide you through the unmistakable signs that show your dishwasher is ready for retirement. From aging equipment to routine performance issues,... Read more .

Is your dishwasher not cleaning dishes as thoroughly as it once did? A blocked spray arm may be the reason. Fortunately, replacing a blocked dishwasher spray arm is a fairly easy job you can take care of yourself. It’s crucial, though, to follow... Steps to replace a dishwasher spray arm .

Is your oven’s igniter failing you? There’s nothing more frustrating than an oven that won’t stay lit, especially when you’re right in the middle of cooking a meal. But don’t worry, this problem is more common than you think, and in most cases,... Read more .

Appliances make our everyday tasks much simpler and our lives more comfortable. However, like any machine, they are prone to breakdowns and malfunctions. It’s crucial to recognize when it’s time to bring in a professional for appliance repair.... Read more .

In the fast-paced world of technology, even our household appliances have evolved, and washing machines are no exception. As we step into 2024, it’s crucial to stay informed about the most common washing machine repairs to keep your laundry... Read more .

Updated February 2, 2024. Dryer problems can cause loads of frustration. We’ll show you how to troubleshoot your dryer to avoid common problems. Laundry gone wrong can be a headache. And a broken dryer only makes matters worse. If your clothes... Read more .

Updated February 2, 2024. How do you unclog a dishwasher? Read about the most common reasons a dishwasher won’t drain and get expert tips for fixing the problem. If you’ve ever opened your dishwasher door, only to find standing dirty water at... Read more .

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