Kevin Kanta – Returning to His Roots at Sears

By Lyle Weischwill | Nov. 28, 2022 12:30 pm PST

From In-Home Technician to Senior Director of Field Operations, Kevin Kanta has returned to Sears Home Services to help lead our success.

Kevin’s story of success is one that we can all be proud of. His development from a front-line Sears Technician to a senior leader at Sears Home Services is inspiring.

Kevin’s Early Years with Sears

Kevin began his storied career at Sears Home Services as an In-Home Technician in 1985. With 10 years of success as a Sears Technician under his belt, Kevin took on a challenging leadership role as an In-Home Repair Manager.

Repair Manager

As a Repair Manager, Kevin achieved these successes with Sears:

  • Led his In-Home Repair team to exceed business goals.
  • Improved service call performance metrics to better serve Sears customers.
  • Delivered millions of dollars in cost reduction to improve profitability.

After refining his leadership skills as a Repair Manager, Kevin was promoted to Branch Manager in 1998.

Branch Manager

In his role as Sears Home Services Branch Manager, Kevin led a group of 55 In-Home Service Technicians. He also managed a Sears Service Center and store front.

Kevin achieved these milestones as Branch Manager:

  • Continuously improved in-home service quality and performance.
  • Was recognized with the Circle of Honor award 7 times – a feat not achieved by any other leader in Sears Home Services.
  • Significantly improved sales through excelling in customer engagement and refining product offerings to better meet homeowners’ needs.

Kevin paused his Sears Home Services career in 2000. To broaden his leadership skills and learn new business perspectives, Kevin joined Best Buy as a Regional In-Home Services Manager.

Building on Sears Success

During his time away from Sears, Kevin found purpose in using the talents he acquired at Sears and continued to develop his management skill. For 22 years, Kevin thrived and advanced in upper management positions with Best Buy and ServicePower.

These companies benefited from the training and experience that Kevin gained from Sears. Kevin continued to improve and develop his customer service leadership while adding financial management skills to his long list of business talents.

Returning to Sears

In 2022, when the opportunity arose for Kevin to return to Sears Home Services and lead a fleet of 1400+ technicians, he jumped at the opportunity.

Kevin’s decision to return to Sears was an easy one to make. His father was a Sears Technician. Here’s a legacy photo of 9-month old Kevin sitting in his dad’s Sears service truck.

9-month old Kevin Kanta in his dad’s Sears truck

Kevin says “I love Sears. I want to be part of the turnaround story. My desire is to someday retire from Sears. The company where I started my career.”

Kevin evolved his skill sets in the home services field and in business management through his corporate leadership experience. Now, Sears will benefit from Kevin’s continuous development at Best Buy and ServicePower. Turnabout is fair play.

At Sears, we look forward to Kevin’s leadership as our Senior Director of In-Home Operations.

With his wealth of experience, Kevin appreciates the dedication and compassion that comes with a hard day’s work and seeing the satisfaction of the customer. Often times, you will see Kevin in a ride-along, not just to observe quality and behavior but to connect with customers and technicians.

Kevin Kanta on a Sears Tech ride-along

Kevin feels that it’s genuine personal connections that compel customers to stay loyal to the Sears Home Services brand.

As we continue to expand Sears Home Service, we’re proud to have innovative and successful managers like Kevin to lead the charge.

Here’s to the next 15 years with Kevin at the helm of Sears in-home service operations.

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