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By Lyle Weischwill | Aug. 12, 2022 7:00 am PST

At our core, we depend on successful field ambassadors to project the Sears brand with pride and dedication. You can trust our HVAC experts to help take care of your heating and cooling system so you can enjoy your home. We deliver trusted experiences to our customers every day and that trend is growing.

Sears Home Improvement Rolls Out a New HVAC Assistant and HVAC Lead Installer Incentive Program

With over 130 years of experience in business, Sears is expanding our Home Improvement HVAC business to better serve our customers.

To support our expansion, we’re excited to announce new investments in our HVAC experts who take care of our Home Improvement customers.

Today, we launched an innovative program that will reward successful HVAC installers and assistants.

Our new incentive package helps address the economic and inflationary challenges in our current employment landscape. We’re taking a proactive approach to getting and keeping the best HVAC experts in the business.

Our New HVAC Incentive Plan Helps Everyone

Whether you’re a Sears customer, prospective employee or current HVAC expert, you’ll enjoy the immense benefits of this new incentive program.

Sears Home Improvement understands the positive impact our businesses make on the well-being of our customers.

Without our incredible core of HVAC installers and assistants, this wouldn’t be possible. To all our current HVAC Assistant and Lead Installers and future talent, we are thrilled to offer this program to you.

This incentive program is the latest in a series of initiatives to address the needs of our employees and remind our workforce that they are the soul of the Sears Brand. We’re sincerely thankful for all the hard work you do today, tomorrow and beyond.

For our Sears customers, we truly appreciate your business and continue to take steps to enhance and expand our Home Improvement workforce to better serve you.

Want More Information?

If you’re an active employee or applicant and would like details on the specifics of the program, you can speak to your Home Improvement supervisor or recruiter respectively.

Together, we are committed to the satisfaction and well-being of our employees and customers.

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