How to Make Your Home Look More Expensive

By Lyle Weischwill | Apr. 11, 2023 12:33 pm PST

Many urban neighborhoods have home owners’ associations (HOA’s) that set rules and standards to help maintain the collective property value of the homes in the neighborhood. HOA rules often govern yard and property maintenance to keep the neighborhood attractive and expensive. If you live in such a neighborhood, you’ll already be taking some required steps to help make your home look expensive. In this article, we’ll offer tips that go above and beyond the minimum HOA requirements for maintaining the value of your home. Whether you’re in an HOA or not, we’ll help you find ways to enhance the beauty and style of your home so it’s one that everyone will admire.

Drive past the builder’s model home in a neighborhood and you’ll typically observe what looks like the most expensive-looking house in the area. It will have shiny windows and immaculate landscaping. Home builders spare no expense in making their model homes look expensive. Image is everything when it comes to builders spiffing up a model home.

You can make your home look just as polished and expensive as a builder’s model home by following these steps to keep your house and lawn in top shape.

Manicure Your Lawn

Weed and feed your lawn regularly to keep turf grass in top shape. Weeds will instantly downgrade the look of your home. Healthy green turf throughout your lawn will give it that expensive look. You’ll typically need to mow and water the lawn weekly to keep it looking good.

Don’t neglect to edge your lawn – it’s one of the most important details of lawn manicuring. That crisp, sharp-looking edge cut next to the sidewalk and driveway makes a huge difference in curb appeal.

Image of man edging the lawn

If you’re not able to keep the lawn in top shape yourself, consider hiring a local lawn care provider to keep your yard in top shape.

Plant Flower Beds

Nothing says expensive like brilliant, blooming flowers surrounding your home. Keep beds filled with blooming plants and flowers to project an upscale look. Refresh the mulch covering the ground in flower beds to maintain a refined image. Steal ideas on landscaping flower beds from the builder’s model home in your neighborhood if you need some creative inspiration for your own home.

Install a New Garage Door

You can give your home a whole, new and expensive look by replacing the garage door. Take a look at your garage door. If it’s faded, sagging or damaged, installing a new garage door will drastically improve the look of your home.

If your garage door is relatively new and doesn’t need replacing, keep the paint fresh and the windows clean and shiny so it continues to look brand new.

Replace the Front Door

Installing a new front door will instantly upgrade the look of your home. If your home’s builder didn’t install an elegant front door, replace it with an entry door that adds a visually appealing and expensive touch to your home. Select a front door with windows to add light to the entry of your home. Keep the entry door windows clean and polished to maintain the upscale look.

Image of home’s front entry door

Also, choose an upscale door knob and lockset to enhance your entry door’s look. Keep the door knob and hardware clean and polished to enhance the expensive look of your front door and your home Schedule a free in-home consultation with a door specialist to choose a new entry door that enhances the beauty of your home. Sears has many creative options that can uplift the appearance of your home’s entryway.

Clean the windows

Shiny windows always project an expensive look. Clean the windows often (inside and out) to maintain a polished, model-home look.

Don’t neglect to clean the window screens when keeping the windows shiny. Quickly replace any bent, torn or damaged screens.

If you don’t like cleaning windows, consider having a local service provider clean the windows for you.

When your windows begin to look worn and need replacing, rely on Sears to replace them. Schedule a free consultation with a window expert when you decide to install new windows. New windows will make a dramatic difference in the appearance of your home.

Clean the Siding and Trim

Keep the siding and trim on your home clean. Use a pressure washer or manufacturer-approved method to clean your home’s siding and trim. Paint the trim and siding as needed to maintain a fresh look.

Image of new siding on a house

Replace worn siding to upgrade your home’s image. If you need to replace siding now, schedule a free consultation with our Sears siding experts to get the project started.

Check the Roof and Gutters

A stained or worn roof downgrades the look of your home. Clean or replace a stained or damaged roof to enhance the expensive look of your home. If your roof gets damaged in a storm, your home’s insurance policy will likely help pay for a new roof.

Consider upgrading your roof and changing its color (if HOA rules allow it). Read our article Roof Colors: What to Consider When Picking Your New Roof Color for tips on selecting a new roof that can make your home look more expensive. As suggested in that article, use the Owen Corning’s roof visualization tool Design EyeQ to help you choose the best roof and trim that will enhance the expensive look of your home.

Image of a new roof on a home

Don’t neglect to keep the gutters cleaned and painted. Dilapidated gutters ruin your home’s expensive image. Use a local service provider to clean and maintain your gutters if needed.

Keep the Driveway, Walkway and Porch Clean

Stains and deposits and discolor the concrete driveway, walkway and porch can make your home look less attractive (and expensive). Use a pressure washer to clean the concrete around your home regularly.

Have a local service provider clean the concrete if you don’t want to do it yourself.

Interior Projects That Improve Your Home’s Value

Enough about the outward appearance of your home. Let’s cover some interior improvements that can impress your guests.

Upgrade Flooring

If you still have the original builder’s-grade carpet in your home, it’s time to upgrade to tile. Installing new flooring can instantly upgrade the image of your home’s interior. Learn about new trends in flooring by reading this article: 6 Hottest Flooring Trends for Your Home.

Image of new flooring in a home

Use area rugs to enhance the expensive look of flooring and your home’s interior. Laying down a design that matches your accessories and offers a contrast to the rest of the flooring can make a room’s style pop. From the hallway to the dining room, splash fresh colors and expensive looks into any space in the house with new rugs.

De-clutter Your Home

Clutter can creep up quickly inside your home. You may not even notice that it’s happening.

Getting rid of clutter will instantly make your home look more spacious and luxurious. Stage your home like a realtor would if you were trying to sell your home. Less is more when it comes to luxurious home decorating.

Image of de-cluttered living room

Here are some quick de-cluttering tips: * Minimize furniture to avoid clutter. For example, you may need only 1 couch and 2 chairs or 1 couch and a loveseat to fill a living room. Leave ample room to walk through the room. * Limit the accessories. Home accents are great but use a few well-placed pieces to create an upscale theme. * Use large wall art. Hang 1 large piece of artwork per wall instead of using numerous small pieces. For an upscale look, frame wall art and use mats inside the frame that enhance the look of the piece. * Organize storage pieces. Position a chest or storage boxes in strategic spots to hold magazines, books and toys that typically clutter your living spaces.

Once you de-clutter your home and keep it organized, you’ll spend less time frantically getting it ready when guests are about to stop by.

Upgrade Your Kitchen and Bathroom

You don’t need to spend thousands on remodels to update your kitchen and bathroom. Replacing old appliances in the kitchen or adding/upgrading cabinet door and drawer pulls can do the trick in the kitchen. Adding themed accents or new lighting to the bathroom can also improve the style of your home.

Image of a remodeled bathroom

Of course, if you do need a complete kitchen and/or bathroom makeover, completely remodeling one or both of these spaces will dramatically enhance the expensive look of your home.

You may not need to make all of these improvements to improve the beauty and style of your home – but taking some of the steps will definitely uplift your home’s image.

Sears is always here to help guide and support you through all of your home improvements. Trust us to help you enjoy your home with ease and comfort for many years to come.

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