How to Improve Window Energy Efficiency

By Ian | Aug. 18, 2016 12:58 pm PST

How to improve window energy efficiency

If your energy bills are higher than average, the extra costs might be passing through leaky windows.

Nobody wants to spend 30 percent more on energy bills because their windows are like sieves. While the most effective solution is to get energy efficient vinyl replacement windows—with high-performance features, such as double-paned gas-filled glass or low-e and spectrally selective glass coatings—here are a few other things to try:

  • Seal air leaks with a combination of caulk and weatherstripping.
  • Adhere clear plastic sheets to interior window frames to reduce drafts.
  • Hang lined curtains or shades that insulate windows in cold weather and deflect sunlight in hot weather.
  • Add awnings over windows that receive the most sun.
  • Install weatherized storm windows on your home’s interior or exterior, or seal existing storm windows.

Installing awnings or storm windows are one-time expenses. Window frames may require fresh caulk or new weatherstripping every few years, while covering window frames with plastic sheets is an annual task. Adjust curtains and shades as needed: Close them when temperatures drop at night or when sunlit windows absorb too much heat during the day.

Try some of these tips to see if you notice a difference in your energy bills. If you’d like to learn more about adding new, more energy-efficient windows to your home, contact Sears Home Services today for a free in-home consultation.

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