How to Create the Perfect Coastal Bathroom

By Lyle Weischwill | Jan. 10, 2015 11:48 am PST

How to Create the Perfect Coastal Bathroom

Bring the tranquility of the beach indoors with these coastal bathroom design ideas.

There’s nothing more tranquil than lying on the beach listening to the sound of the waves. Why not bring some of that tranquility indoors by transforming your bathroom into a coastal-inspired retreat?

Depending on your budget, you can go big with a complete bathroom remodel or go small with design elements and paint. Either way, the only thing missing from your beach-themed bathroom will be the sand.

If you’re doing a complete remodel, choose neutral fixtures, says Dave Lincon, a kitchen and bath expert for Sears Home Services. That way, you can accessorize on trend and easily change them down the road.

“Trends are going to change,” he says. “So I caution people to do more with paint, photos, towels and accessories and do less with the fixtures.”


“The vanity is the focal point of the bathroom, and if you’re going to replace it and want a beachy theme, I recommend something neutral like a Shaker style,” Lincon says. “With something like that, you can change it as trends change. And a quick coat of white paint can give it a distressed look.”


Eco-friendly distressed wood makes a great, beachy floor — think boathouse on the water. Tile in a neutral, sandy shade or even white will complement the look.


Again, think neutral for countertops. Faux granite in an earth tone with flecks of “sand” sprinkled throughout will lend a beachy feel, and it’s also versatile enough to work with other trends if your preferences change down the road.


Glass doors let the light in and show off your shower tile. Blue and green glass tiles evoke a sea glass feel, while neutral shades of quarry tile lend an air of sand and surf.


It’s easy to change out the light fixtures in your bathroom by working with what’s already there, Lincon says. If you have sconces over the mirror, why not switch to pineapple-shaped clear glass shades? Or if there’s enough room, install a wooden ceiling fan to get that Key West look.


Here is an area where you can really dive into your theme without draining too much from your wallet. Choose a pale yellow, aqua or sea green, and complement it with towels and bathmats. You might even choose a wallpaper border with a beach motif — seashells, waves, fish, whatever strikes your fancy.


Go for it with seashells, driftwood, photos of your favorite secluded islands, baskets of coral or a vase filled with sea grass.

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