How Do I Get My Dishwasher Repaired in Houston, Texas?

By Lyle Weischwill | Aug. 12, 2023 12:34 pm PST

You fill the dishwasher with dishes and shut the door, but the dishwasher doesn’t start, or it has another problem such as not filling with water or not draining. Because you rely heavily on your dishwasher every day to clean and sanitize your dishes, you’ll want to get your dishwasher fixed fast–and right.

Houston Appliance Repair can do both. Our expert appliance repair technicians can fix your dishwasher right and we offer same-day or next-day appointments in many Houston areas so you won’t have to wait long for service.

Here are some of the top dishwasher failures that Houston Appliance Repair technicians face and how they fix them.

Why Won’t My Dishwasher Power Up?

When your dishwasher won’t power up, the problem could be as simple as turning the light switch beside the garbage disposal switch back on. A tripped house circuit breaker will also prevent the dishwasher from powering up. If the dishwasher circuit breaker tripped, you’ll definitely want to have a service technician check the dishwasher to look for an electrical short or bad component that caused the breaker to trip.

Other causes for lack of power in a dishwasher include wiring failures, a bad user interface control, a blown internal fuse on the control board and a defective control board.

Here’s a video that shows basic troubleshooting steps that a Houston Appliance Repair tech will begin taking to fix a dishwasher that won’t power up.

When these basic troubleshooting steps don’t fix the problem, the technician will test electrical components to find the cause of the dishwasher failure.

Why Doesn’t My Dishwasher Fill?

A dishwasher filling failure could be caused by something as simple as an item stuck under the overfill float or the water supply valve being shut. Or one of several parts such as the door switch, water inlet valve or control board might have failed.

If you follow the troubleshooting steps in the owner’s manual and you can’t find the cause of the fill problem yourself, schedule service and we’ll have a Houston Appliance Repair technician visit your home and fix the dishwasher.

Why Isn’t My Dishwasher Draining?

A dishwasher drain problem may be caused by something as simple as a clogged sink drain, but there are other places that can get clogged, too. Troubleshoot the draining issue yourself if you’re confident that you can safely access the drain system in your dishwasher. If you’re not able to find and eliminate a clog in the drain system yourself, or you want to have a service technician check the drain system and other components, schedule a Houston Appliance Repair Technician to visit your home and fix the dishwasher.

What’s Causing My Dishwasher To Leak?

You’ll want to get a dishwasher leak fixed fast to avoid flooring and cabinet damage.

Finding the cause of a dishwasher leak can be difficult. The leak may be caused by a damaged door seal, a cracked or clogged spray arm or components under the dishwasher. Parts under the dishwasher that can cause leaks include the drain pump, circulation pump, diverter, inlet water valve and heating element seals. A cracked tub can also cause a water leak under the dishwasher.

Schedule a profession to examine and repair your dishwasher when it’s leaking. Our Houston Appliance Repair techs have the expertise and experience to quickly find and fix dishwasher water leaks.

Other problems such as dishes not drying or excessive noise can also plague your dishwasher. When any type of failure happens, don’t hesitate to schedule a repair visit.

Get your dishwasher professionally maintained by Houston Appliance Repair

Keeping your dishwasher in top shape can help you avoid unexpected failures. Our Houston Appliance Repair technicians can provide professional cleaning and maintenance for your dishwasher. Annual dishwasher maintenance by a service technician will also help your dishwasher last longer. Schedule the annual Clean & Maintain service for your dishwasher today.

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